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cache php code

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cache php code

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cache php code

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cache php code
cache php code  Basically, i'm looking for a code to cache the content of webpage in server side
How to Install Alternative PHP Cache (APC)?
How to Install Alternative PHP Cache (APC)? Learn how to install APC on Linux machine? The Alternative PHP Cache (APC) can be used to increase the performance of your PHP applications. The APC is a free, open source cache system
cache creation in java - Java Beginners
cache creation in java  Hi All, I am planing to create cache in my web application. please send me the some sample code to create cache by using org.apache.oro.utils package. please help me out. Thanks, mln15584
PHP clearstatcache example, clearstatcache php, clearstatcache in php
from the cache stored in the memory.  code for clearstatcache() in PHP... The example & code of clearstatcache()  in the PHP programming...()., then the PHP will store cache in the memory. You need to clear the cache
java cache management - Development process
java cache management  I have written a code in cache management and when i use this in server .The results of other(subsequent) users is displayed... it is appending the results of others.I feel that if i change the cache
Cache creation using java - Java Beginners
Cache creation using java  Hi All, I am developing a web application, I have a plan to use cache in that application. I used jsp caching with the help of jsp taglib. But I want to write code in a java class,not in the jsp
.  Parameters cache_limiter(); Let's see the example: <?php session...Session_cache_limter() session_cache_limiter() returns the name of the current cache limiter. The cache_limiter defines which cache control HTTP headers
Implementing a Least-Recently-Used(LRU) Cache
of the index of the LRU Cache.  Here is the code of program... Implementing a Least-Recently-Used(LRU) Cache  ... the least-recently- used(LRU) cache in Java. LRU Cache helps you how to use
calendar in php code - PHP
calendar in php code   Any Idea to create a calendar for school in PHP? I need a simple nd handy code
Pagination in PHP code - PHP
Pagination in PHP code  3.Pagination in PHP codeIs it possible to get the paging in PHP without database call? How will I show the image instead of numbering? any code that can help
browser cache
browser cache  how can we clear browser cache
run php code online
run php code online  Is it possible to run PHP Code online
php  plz tell me code for PHP SQL Insert,delete,update,view is used to insert the record from HTML page to Mysql database using in single PHP form
php download file code
php download file code  PHP code to download the files from the remote server
user authentication code in php - PHP
user authentication code in php  Hi, Can you please send me a user authentication code in php? or just post the guidelines to authenticate a user. Thanks
email search code in php
email search code in php  email search with multiple option in php
php login and logout code
php login and logout code  Hi, Can anyone share there code for creating a user login and logout page in PHP?or any useful tutorial that can help to create a login and logout application in PHP.. Thanks in Advance
Mysql-Php code
Mysql-Php code  I want to mysql script for query data from two tables in the mysql database trough php code. Can you help me   Hi Friend, Please visit the following link: Php Mysql Thanks   Hi Friend
how can i write a code to book a space in hotel  how can i write a code to book a space in hotel
what is the java cache system?
what is the java cache system?  To send the webapplication of java cache system
Lean yum cache
Lean yum cache  How to clean yum cache in order to claim the disk space?   Hi, You can use the following command: yum clean all Thanks
Clear UIWebView cache iPhone
Clear UIWebView cache iPhone  Hi, In my iPhone application ..i am using a UIWebView to load different URL on it. But i am afraid that it 's not releasing the memory. Can anyone please explain me how to load and release
Second level cache
and how do I refresh( reload) my second level cache. Please advise, and ignore my
tomcat cache - JSP-Servlet
tomcat cache  hai friends i have a query that is i want to remove the cache memory from Tomcat server Automatically using jsp without deleting it manually from work folder because every time when i make any changes
What is the default cache service of hibernate?
What is the default cache service of hibernate?  Hi, What is the default cache service of hibernate? Thanks
in php What the code is to be written for Authentication with Session Control
in php What the code is to be written for Authentication with Session Control  in php What the code is to be written for Authentication with Session Control
Imagemagick in PHP - PHP
Imagemagick in PHP   i faced the problem while implement imagemagick code in php. Can you please post a sample code
Replace String in PHP - PHP
Replace String in PHP  What is the fastest way of replacing string in PHP Code?  Hi Friend, Please visit the following link: http://www.roseindia.net/tutorial/php/phpbasics/PHP-Array-Replace.html Thanks
Sql Examples using php code
Here is the many examples. In this tutorial we discuss many examples of sql statements using php code
PHP Array, PHP Array Tutorials and Example code
In this section we have provided many PHP tutorials and the example code to explain the PHP Array in detail. You will learn how to create, use and manipulate the array in your PHP program. PHP array is ordered map that is used very
want the code for calender in php+htmal page
want the code for calender in php+htmal page   i have to select a calendra for some textbox in an table
PHP Get Average - PHP
PHP Get Average  I am writing a method to calculate the average rating of the posted answers? can anyone help me with the method to calculate rating in PHP. In my code, we are providing maximum four options to the user to rate
PHP header IE - PHP
PHP header IE  I tried the given code in PHP which is working for firefox header('Content-type: '.$theMimeType); ob_clean(); // clean output buffer flush(); // flush output buffer readfile($thePath); exit
Recursive regex PHP - PHP
Recursive regex PHP  any one? that can send me the code of regular expression that checks other regular expression for its correctness.   Hi, Please check at http://www.roseindia.net/tutorial/php/phpbasics/PHP
cache refresh after 24 hours
cache refresh after 24 hours  I have developed an application which uses websphere application server 6.1 which needs to query the database(oracle) after every 24 hours periodically.But it is not getting executed properly because
PHP Tutorial
and example code PHP and MySQL Thanks...PHP Tutorial  Hi, I am looking for PHP tutorials on roseindia.net. Provide me the urls of PHP tutorials? Thanks   Hi, Here is the links
PLZ HELP ME. i need php code.
PLZ HELP ME. i need php code.   I want php code for bellow OUTPUT. output is just example but it must be letters only. abc bcd efg jku rgt azs hje qqc wws adt
on Linux, Unix, Solaris and Mac servers. PHP code is embedded into HTML pages... You can embedded PHP code into your html file and save it as .php or .php3...PHP PHP stands for Hypertext Preprocessor; PHP is server-side scripting
How to populate text fields using php code?
How to populate text fields using php code?  How could I use php to populate text fields by selecting a name of a business from dropdown list? Those..., post code in php. Also, the user would also need to edit the information
PHP Code Syntax
PHP Code Syntax PHP syntax is the set of rules which need to be followed to to write properly structured PHP code. Given below Some rules of PHP syntax... code, each PHP statement ends with semicolon. The semicolon is a separator
Date comparison in PHP - PHP
Date comparison in PHP  I am looking for a date comparison code in PHP that can compare the date in between two different date formate.. for example: 11/12/1999 and 11/12/2001 to 11.11.1888 00:00:00 any idea on how
What's PHP ?
code block starts with "<?php"` and ends with `"?>". A PHP code can...What's PHP ?  What's PHP ?   Hi friends, PHP stands... developers to create dynamic content that interacts with databases. PHP
yum clear cache
yum clear cache In this tutorial I will tell you how you can delete the cached file by yum utility. The yum utility downloads and saves the file in cache... system then you should delete the cache. What is yum? The Yellow dog Updater
sending verification code to mobile using php
sending verification code to mobile using php  I had created..., verification code has to send to their respective mobiles.. so can u tell the process and how to implement this using php
Please help me to modify my java code from php code
Modify Java code from PHP Code  i want to covert this php code int...]; } } I tried like this (see below JSP code) ... but this is not giving me the exact result as the above PHP code is giving. So please help me to convert
PHP Date
PHP Date  Hi, How to use PHP Date functions in my PHP program? Thanks   Hi, PHP Date functions is very handy. It is used to progracess, format and create date objects in PHP. There are many ways to use PHP Date
PHP accelerator
PHP accelerator  hii, What is a PHP accelerator?   hello,, PHP accelerator increases the speed of applications written in PHP. This boost of performance can be around 2-10 times. PHP accelerator increases the speed
If function in PHP
If function in PHP  Hi, Provide me the example of If function in PHP. Thanks   Hi, If function is PHP is used to check for some condition and the execute a block of code. He is an example of if() function in PHP
php brute force code.. hlp plz .....
php brute force code.. hlp plz .....  hello friends, from... //////////////////////////////////// Started PHP Code ////////////////////// set_time_limit(0..., ''); //////////////////////////////////// Ended PHP Code ////////////////////// now i
sql php code
sql php code       SQL PHP code executes the statement using the mysql_query ( ) function... and elaborate the example we have a PHP server scripting code that includes host, user
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