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what is Branch

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what is Branch

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what is Branch

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what is Branch

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what is Branch
what is Branch  hii, What is a Branch? and tell me type of Branch.   hello, Branch is any mechanism by which one or more developers to modify a file without affecting each other while those working on the same branch
What is Organic Electronics?

Technology What is and FAQs
Technology What is and FAQs     ...;  What is XBRL XBRL stands for eXtensible Business Reporting Language... globally. This guidebook defines in detail about what are the essential
What is HFC?
What is HFC?       HFC means Hybrid Fiber Coax, a kind cable on which data are transmitted. In HFC... it to transmit the television signals in the trunk-and-branch system format
what is bit
what is bit  what is bit
What is procedure
What is procedure  What is procedure in computers? What are the primary categories of procedures
what are indices?
what are indices?  what are indices
what is collections?
what is collections?  what is collections
What is this keyword?
What is this keyword?  What is this keyword
what is Savepoint ?
what is Savepoint ?  what is Savepoint
What is a "constraint"?
What is a "constraint"?  What is a "constraint
What is Index?
What is Index?  What is Index
What's PHP ?
What's PHP ?  What's PHP
What is VLR ?
What is VLR ?  hii, What is VLR
What is JDBC?
What is JDBC?  What is JDBC
What is SQLLoader?
What is SQLLoader?  What is SQLLoader
What is DML?
What is DML?  What is DML
What is an interface?
What is an interface?  What is an interface
What is Trigger?
What is Trigger?  What is Trigger
What is ActionServlet?
What is ActionServlet?  What is ActionServlet
What is FBT
What is FBT   hello, What is FBT
What is an Abstract Class and what is it's purpose?
What is an Abstract Class and what is it's purpose?   Hi, What is an Abstract Class and what is it's purpose? Thanks
What is a transaction and what are ACID properties?
What is a transaction and what are ACID properties?  What is a transaction and what are ACID properties
What is DataAccessException?
What is DataAccessException?  Hi, What is DataAccessException? thanks
What is IOC ?
What is IOC ?  HI, What is IOC or Dependency Injection? Thanks
What is SQLExceptionTranslator?
What is SQLExceptionTranslator?  Hi, What is SQLExceptionTranslator? Thanks
What is Externalizable?
What is Externalizable?   Hi, What is Externalizable? Thanks
What is the % operator?
What is the % operator?   Hi, What is the % operator? thanks
What is casting?
What is casting?   Hi, What is casting? thanks
What are Struts?
What are Struts?  What are Struts? Can anyone explain me what are the Struts framework and what are its uses? Thanks
What is WAP?
What is WAP?  What is WAP?   Hi, Check the tutorial: What is WAP? Thanks
What is CRM?
What is CRM?  Can anyone tell me What is CRM? Thanks
what is RUP?
what is RUP?  hello, what is RUP??   hii, RUP is stands for Rational Unified Process
What is a tuple?
What is a tuple?  What is a tuple?   hi, A tuple is an instance of data within a relational database. Thanks
What is SPOOL?
What is SPOOL?  What is SPOOL?   SPOOL command stores output to a file
What is webservices?
What is webservices?  What is web-services and what are the different types of web-services? It would be great if someone explain me the difference between these types of web-services in Java
What is portal
What is portal  What is portal What is portal and how can i create a portal in Java using components like Java and Java servlet? What are the elements of a portal and how can i create sigle request portal page in Java
What is NSRangeException
What is NSRangeException  Can anyone explain the NSRangeException and the reason why it occurs
What is Ajax?
What is Ajax?  Hi, What is Ajax and what is use of Ajax in web programming? Thanks   Hi, Ajax stands for AJAX stands for Asynchronous... JavaScript and other technologies such as CSS and XML. Read more at What is Ajax
What was ENIAC
What was ENIAC  What was ENIAC?   ENIAC was first electronic computer. Full form of ENIAC is Electronic Numerical Integrator And Computer
What is workflow
What is workflow  hello, What is workflow in RUP?   hi, A workflow is a sequence of activities that produces a result observable value
What is EDGE?
What is EDGE?   hii, What is EDGE?   hello, Enhanced Data GSM Environment (EDGE) is a new, faster version of GSM
What is TDMA?
What is TDMA?   hii, What is TDMA?   hello, Time Division Multiple Access (TDMA) is a second-generation modulation standard
what is posting?
what is posting?  what is posting?   Posting is an event that writes Inserts, Updates & Deletes in the forms to the database but not committing these transactions to the database
What is an Iterator?
What is an Iterator?  Hi, What is an Iterator? Please help me. Thanks   Hi, I have find good reference website for the What is iterator? In this programming tutorial it explain how to use the iterator interface
What is hacker?
What is hacker?  What is hacker?   A Hacker is a person who used his or her expertise to gain access to other people's computers to get information illegally or do damage
What is Management?
What is Management?  Hi, I am beginner in the software Industry. Can anyone tell about Management. I want to know What is Management? Thanks
What is BREAK?
What is BREAK?  What is BREAK?   Hi, BREAK command clarify reports by suppressing repeated values, skipping lines & allowing for controlled break points. Thanks
What is UDDI ?
What is UDDI ?  hii, What is UDDI ??   hello, UDDI stands for Universal Description, Discovery, and Integration. This is an XML-based standard for describing, publishing, and finding Web services
What is ETSI ?
What is ETSI ?   hiii, What is ETSI ?   hello, ETSI stands for European Telecommunications Standards Institute. This is a non-profit organization that establishes telecommunications standards for Europe
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