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why crieterias are importent in hibernate?
why crieterias are importent in hibernate?  why crieterias are importent in hibernate?   HiberanteTemplate is a class proposed by spring softies, here everything will be ready made to use. that is capsulized

Java - Java Interview Questions
Basic Concept of Java  Need to learn all concept of Java  All topica are importent in Java, but you must be clear on basic concept... about what you have done so far, which is more importent i guess
code protection - Java Beginners
code protection  dear friend Please help me, This is importent for me I want to protect my java class and jar file from decompiler software, I think that what you know what is decompiler; please please help me i want
XML Interviews Question page17,xml Interviews Guide,xml Interviews
; Importent: You should be very careful about placing XML namespace
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