Tutorial: what is java mail API - JavaMail

what is java mail API - JavaMail

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what is java mail API - JavaMail

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what is java mail API - JavaMail

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what is java mail API - JavaMail

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mail  I wrote a program to send mail using smtp. But there is an error message " could not connect to smtp.gmail.com port 465. what is the problem how can i solve it ...   Please visit the following link: Java Mail API
Java Mail API Tutorial
Java Mail API Tutorial  I have to write programs using the Java Mail API. I want to learn the Java Mail API. Let's know the urls to learn Java Mail... Mail API. The Java Mail API allows you to send, read emails from Java program
java mail API
java mail API  <html> <head> <title>Mail API<...%" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0"> <h1>Mail API</h1> <tr>...="submit" value="Send Mail" name="sendMail"></td> </tr> <
API  what means API in java?   Hi Friend, The Application... for building software applications in java. If you want to know about java api, please visit the following link: Java API Thanks
api  WHAT IS THE DEFINITON OF API,EXPLAIN IN DETAIL?   An API is the interface implemented by an application which allows other... is laid out in memory. For more information, visit the following link: Java API
Digitally signing email through Java mail api
Digitally signing email through Java mail api  how to sign (Digital Signature) one message using Java mail api
What is Java API?
To understand the term Java api, first of all you should know exactly what... programming. Now it will be easy to understand what is java api as our topic... The Java Virtual Machine, and The Java API Java Languages is the content
Java API
Java API what is Java API? API stands for Application Programming Interface..., interfaces with their methods, constructors that come with JDK. Java API included... has to use these code through Java API..In java most task are done by API
java API
java API  hello What is the Java API?   hello, The Java API is a large collection of ready-made software components that provide many useful capabilities, such as graphical user interface (GUI) widgets
java api
java api  what is work of api in java   An application programming interface (API) is a library of functions that Java provides.... For more information,visit the following link: Java API
mail  how to send mail using jsp   Please visit the following links: JSP Send Mail Java Mail Tutorials
java mail
java mail  Hi deepak, sorry to trouble again but with reference to apache mail server (james) tutorial i use the link that u have provided it redirects to apache offical site what there 4 zip and taz
mail api - Development process
mail api  hi to all, it,s abhishek................. actually i am using mail api for sending the mail with attachments(audio and video... that the person which receive this mail and when download attachments(video
API for beginners
API for beginners  what is api? why api is needed in java?   Hi Friend, The Application Programming Interface (API) is a library... to know more about java api, please visit the following link: Java API Thanks
jpcap_api  **how can I implement JPCAP API with Java what are the steps needs to do with jdk1.6
How to set attachment from browse button to send mails using java mail api
How to set attachment from browse button to send mails using java mail api   Hello Sir, I am making Email Sending app using java mail api in jsp and servlet in that i have to make attachment option available using
PHP mail setting - Java Beginners
PHP mail setting  Hai, I want to send an email from my php program. What are all the settings for win32 and LINUX? program is as follows... name $email = "t@domainname.com"; //senders e-mail adress
java mail send using setText()
java mail send using setText()  Hai , Am newly mail send portion... set Text() method mail content is display same structure what i wrote the code in java file . but if i use set Content() method, mail content is display html
Java API
Java API       What is Java API? Java API is not but a set of classes and interfaces that comes with the JDK. Java API is actually a huge collection of library routines
What is criteria API?
What is criteria API?  Hi, What is criteria API? Thanks,  ... Thanks,   Hi, The API (Application Programming Interface... on the persistence database. The hibernate criteria API is very Simplified API for fetching data
java mail
java mail  By Which code or function i can send E-mail to given E-mail Address   Hi Friend, Please visit the following link: Java Mail Thanks   Hi Friend, Please visit the following link: Java Mail
Apache Mail server (James)
and a mail application platform. Latest version is James 2.3.1. Mailet API The Apache Mailet API is a Java API that comes with the James mail server... Apache Mail server (James)      
e-mail engine pregamming - WebSevices
, what do i need, am a bit good at visual basic, java, php and xhtml. you can...e-mail engine pregamming  Hi guys am a 4th year student... anyone to tell me what should i do and what language is best to use in my 4th
Email - Electronic mail
is electronic mail format and API for sending, receiving and electronic mail...Email - Electronic mail In this article we will understand the E-mail and see... internet users. We prefer email over standard mail. Email is free
java mail
: Java Mail Thanks...java mail  import javax.mail.*; import javax.mail.internet....) throws MessagingException, AddressException { // Setup mail
What's the usage of Hibernate QBC API?
What's the usage of Hibernate QBC API?  Hi, What's the usage of Hibernate QBC API? Thanks,   Hi, Hibernate Query By Criteria (QBC) API is used to create queries by manipulation of criteria objects at run
java mail
java mail  this code showing an error couldn't connect smtp host please help <%@ page language="java" import="javax.naming.*,java.io....(); out.println("Thanks for sending mail!"); } catch(Exception e
Using Single Quote in Reciepient mail Id.
Using Single Quote in Reciepient mail Id.  Hi, Is it possible to send a mail to a Mail Account having singlequote (Ex: prasad'g@gmail.com) by using JAVA Mail API. Could you please give me the clarification.......   Hi
active ur account through mail - Java Beginners
email and access the login permission? plz send the code this mail id  Hi... activation can be done in any language. So let us know what programming language you
Collections API
Collections API  hello, What is the Collections API?   hi The Collections API is a set of classes and interfaces that support operations on collections of objects
Java Persistence API
Java Persistence API       Java Persistence API is the standard API used for the management of the persistent data and object/relational mapping. Java Persistence API is added in Java EE 5
java API
java API  Hi friends, please tell me that is it possible to communicate with hardware Through RS232 in java on windows platform?? Thanks in advance
Difference between API and Assembly - Java Beginners
Difference between API and Assembly  Can anybody tell me what is the diffrenece between API's and assemblies?  Hi friend, Points to be remember : API *) API Stands for "Application Program Interface
java mail - Java Beginners
java mail  how to send mail using with out Authentication?????????/ using gmail server
upload using youtube api - MobileApplications
upload using youtube api   sir, as u have asked for my question i m sending it again plz reply me.i want code for java based mobile... file).i hope u understand what i have asked.plzzzz help me
CS API Plugin
is a Java API for Synergy/Change. It is composed of a set of core classes... CS API Plugin      ... of the Perl API furnished by Telelogic. These classes come bundled in an Eclipse
java mail programs
java mail programs  I got some codes from this about sending mail,forwarding mail,multipart mail etc..and I compiled and executed it,but it did... output.actually,do I need a mail server to get correct output of these codes?plz help me, I
Java API
Java API       Java API Java API is not but a set of classes and interfaces that comes with the JDK. Java API is actually a huge collection of library
java API for adobe
java API for adobe  where I can find adobe api for ReaderExtensionsServiceClient class ? plz help
Collection Api
Collection Api  what is the use of navidableset and navigablemap why we are using that two class
Open Source E-mail
Open Source E-mail Server MailWasher Server Open Source MailWasher Server is an open-source, server-side junk mail filter package...; Webmail client, Mail server Innovating within the email server industry since
configure mail sever
configure mail sever  which is the best server for java mail?   Hi, James is the best mail server in Java. You can download the James for free. Read more at Apache Mail server. Thanks
java api - CVS
java api  hi, I want a java api to chechout a projects from cvs.Please help me divya.mamillapalli
criteria api
criteria api  what is the purpose of Restrictions class   Using Restrictions class, we can narrow the result of our query.Here are some restrictions that can also be use to narrow our Criteria query result
Java Mail - JMS
Java Mail  Thanks for the previous jsp answer,that program is now running very well,creating no other problems. Now i am trying to learn java mail... is given below................. //My first java mail program............. import
java api for antivirus - Spring
java api for antivirus   hi How to scan uploaded file with antivirus like yahoo
send mail in PHP
send mail in PHP  what are configurations needed to send mail in php.ini file by localhost ,please give me complete details about this,and code in datail
What is JDBC?
  Hi, JDBC stands for Java Database Connectivity. It is a set of API for connecting the database from Java program. JDBC API provides the API...What is JDBC?  hello, What is JDBC?   hello, JDBC
JSP API API stands for Java Application Programming Interface. If you are looking for the JSP API then visit http://java.sun.com/products/servlet/2.2/javadoc/index.html and read about JSP 2.2 API. Here is the description
send mail using smtp in java
send mail using smtp in java  How to send mail using smtp in java?   Sending mail in JSP - SMTP
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