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  Tutorial: date_sub


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In the following example you will learn about subtracting date and time Function in PHP. This date_sub Function subtracts the specified DateInterval object from the specified DateTime object.

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  date_sub date_sub alias DateTime::sub functions for subtracting.... It returns the modified DateTime. Description of PHP Date Sub Function public DateTime DateTime::sub ( DateInterval $interval ) DateTime date_sub
Mysql Date Subtract
this example we use select DATE_SUB(curdate(),INTERVAL 1DAY) that return you date  one day before the current date. DATE_SUB(curdate(),INTERVAL DAY... to subtract from date  select DATE_SUB(curdate(), INTERVAL 1
Mysql date API
to a date and returns a new date DATE_SUB() - Subtracts a specified interval from...) Query DATE_SUB() :- The below Query is used to subtract a interval of 1 year from the current date. DATE_SUB() : The DATE_SUB ( ) Subtracts a specified interval
Mysql Date Minus Days
date_sub(curdate(),interval 2 day)as Date; Output... Mysql Date Minus Days       The Tutorial cover on Mysql Date Minus Days return you the day after
Mysql Date Last 30 Days
; mysql> select date_sub(now(),interval 30 day... Mysql Date Last 30 Days       Mysql is used to find out the last 30 days from current date
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