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unix  not able to download java into unix os
unix  hai friends, I am new to to java with unix.can you any one tell me ho to work unix in windows xp.i search in net,it will show the aludra.usc.edu.how can i install this? thanks


The Unix error
The Unix error  var a=document.check.username.value; if(a=="" ) { alert("Enter a valid UserName"); return false; } if(!isNaN(a) ) { alert("Enter a valid UserName"); return
unix/ubuntu os
unix/ubuntu os  how to find jdk path in unix through terminal any command
unix programming - Development process
unix programming  write a c program that stimulates 'ls" command
unix program - UML
unix program  sorry there is no unix category i slected uml 1.write a c shell script on links? 2.write a c shell that stimulates the fork? 3.write a c shell that stimulates the umask? 4.write a c shell that stimulates
UNIX - Java Beginners
UNIX  Dear Sir, Kindly send some important points/notes in UNIX since I have taken the exam pertains to UNIX, so that it will be very helpful..., Unix: The UNIX operating system was developed at AT&T Bell Laboratories
JBoss Unix and Line Separator
JBoss Unix and Line Separator  Hi, I am trying to solve an critical problem. I have an application which write a batch file using the method println... separator from O.S. \n on unix, but I am trying to change to \r\n. I change
Connecting to Unix through Java - JavaMail
Connecting to Unix through Java  Could you please tell a sample code, where i connect to the unix server and run a script and write the results in a file and mail that file back to me
Unix Web Hosting
Unix Web Hosting Unix Web Hosting is the type hosting provided on the Unix Servers. Unix Web Hosting is very reliable hosting option. Unix Hosting.... UNIX web hosting and Linux web hosting are the most powerful and reliable hosting
Where i can use UNIX Operating System?
Where i can use UNIX Operating System?  Where i can use UNIX Operating System
Java code to run unix command - Java Beginners
Java code to run unix command  Hi, I need a java code to connect to a remote unix server and run a unix command. Please help. Regards, Pratyush
Unix and Perl Programmer
Unix and Perl Programmer       Position Vacant: Unix and Perl Programmer  Job Description  We are looking for Perl Programmers with Unix experience
in unix which command is used to create files
in unix which command is used to create files  in unix which command is used to create files   The cat command in UNIX can be used to create and display information from a file. Command to create a file % cat >
What is difference between UNIX Hosting and Window Hosting?
What is difference between UNIX Hosting and Window Hosting?  Which host to select? Unix or Windows or Linux? I want more information about... to learn about these technologies. What is difference between UNIX Hosting
in unix which command is used to sort the lines of data in a file in reverse order
in unix which command is used to sort the lines of data in a file in reverse order  in unix which command is used to sort the lines of data in a file in reverse order   " sort -r " command in unix is used to sort
the commonly used unix commands like date ls cat etc. are stored in
the commonly used unix commands like date ls cat etc. are stored in  the commonly used unix commands like date ls cat etc. are stored
how to execute a unix shell script from a java program
how to execute a unix shell script from a java program  well , i am facing this problem.. i have tried a few sample codes but there isn't any solution . could anyone please give a sample code as of how to do this... what i am
What is difference between UNIX Hosting and Window Hosting
There are basically UNIX and Windows, two main types of operating system... in is primarily select the type of web hosting is needed. Stability: UNIX manage high server loads better than Windows and UNIX machines rarely require reboots
What is Linux?
What is Linux?                           Linux is an Unix based Complete
PHP microtime() Function microtime() returns the current Unix timestamp with microseconds. microtime function is only available on operating systems...;microsec sec", where sec is the number of seconds since the Unix Epoch (0
date_timestamp_set date_timsestamp_set alias DateTime::setTimestamp function is used for setting the date and time based on an Unix timestamp. Syntax... unixtimestamp - Unix timestamp representing the date. Return Values
date_timestamp_get date_timestamp_get alias DateTime::getTimestamp function is used for getting the Unix timestamp.  Syntax public int DateTime.... Return Values Returns Unix timestamp representing the date
containing the date information of Unix timestamp, or the current local time. ... is an integer Unix timestamp that defaults to the current local time if a timestamp... since the Unix Epoch, similar to the values returned by time() and used by date
PHP mktime() Function The mktime() returns the Unix timestamp for a date that contains the number of seconds between the Unix Epoch (January 1 1970 00:00:00 GMT) and the time specified. The arguments may be left out in order from right
Linux Administrator
; We are looking for Linux Administrator to manage Linux and Unix servers.../Unix administration:  Installing and configuring Linux... with routers (Cisco preferably)  Knowledge of UNIX /Linux shell
PHP strtotime() Function The strtotime() parses a US English textual date or time into a Unix timestamp (the number of seconds since January 1 1970 00:00:00 GMT). This function use the TZ environment variable (if available) to calculate
PHP Date and Time Date and time Tutorial
of seconds between the Unix Epoch (January 1 1970) and the time specified... arguments sequence is different from standart UNIX mktime function. Most
Perl Developer
; PERL and TCL TK  Unix/Shell/ scripts with Oracle and MySQL ... Years  Keywords: Perl, Developer, Unix Scripting, Linux Scripting, Shell
Open Source projects
Open Source projects Mono Open Source Project Mono provides the necessary software to develop and run .NET client and server applications on Linux, Solaris, Mac OS X, Windows, and Unix. Sponsored by Novell (http
What is Linux?
; Linux is a free Unix-type operating system originally developed by Linus
Flex Mobile Offshore Apps Development
of different platforms like Mac, Unix, Linux, Windows, Symbian, Android, and Solaris... Application Development, Unix Mobile Application Development, Linux Mobile
Mac OS X Open Source
source, Unix-like operating system, built around the XNU kernel with standard Unix facilities available from the command line interface. On top of this core... UNIX-based solutions. Manage Mac and Windows workgroups. Enable secure
We are providing Linux CD's for free.
Linux 9.0 Linux! Linux! Linux! Get Your Linux CD's Today What is Linux? Linux is a free Operating System, Which was developed by Linus Trovalds to provide free, open source Unix-like OS. The code for Linux is freely available
Linux Basics

server status
server status   How to check the apache server status in unix machine
VoIP Mac
VoIP Mac          VoIP Internet Phone Mac Asterisk is a complete PBX in software. It runs on Linux and other Unix based systems and provides all of the features you
Mobile Application Porting Services, Mobile Porting Services, Mobile Porting Outsourcing
to Unix / Linux. Porting may comprise application porting from one stage
deploy java application
deploy java application  how i will deploy an java applet in Apache Http Server in unix
Java_Weblogic - Development process
Java_Weblogic  How to run as service bea weblogic server on unix mode
Mobile J2ME Application Development Services, J2ME Software Development Solutions
Device Profile). It is a combination of multiple technologies and runs on Unix
ftp - Java Beginners
ftp  pls tell me how to connect to a ftp server and copy a file to local machine using java, with UNIX code for copying purpose
.htm to .html
.htm to .html  How do I rename all the files from .htm to .html after copying them from a PC to a UNIX machine
Network programming
using C language in Unix as per the following specifications: a) A TCP client... character in the string. Write down the UNIX/LINUX Command for the following operations: a) Find the subnet marking and physical address of a machine in Unix/Linux. b
PHP strtotime, PHP strtotime Function, strtotime Function, strtotime Function Example
English textual description into a Unix timestamp. The strtotime() function is very handy to convert the text description of time into unix timestamp... unix time stamp. <?php echo strtotime("10 January 2010"); ?>
PHP Comments
PHP Comments: Most of the popular languages (C, C++, Unix) uses same kind... with these Unix like comment '#' is also supported by PHP. Single line... comment #This is Unix style comment /* * This * is * Multiple * line
Java compilation error - Java Beginners
Java compilation error  hai, now only i have started to work with java.I have been given a task as execute unix codes using eclipse.But i dont know the source codes.Please help me to start the program... Regards, R.Punitham
Need to have a Java Code - Java Beginners
Need to have a Java Code  Dear Friend, Can we run a unix command like "df -tg" in a remote linux system through FTP server using Java Program? Kindly give me the solution for the above query. Thanks & Regards
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