Tutorial: Data Binding With fx:Model tag in Flex4

Data Binding With fx:Model tag in Flex4

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The tag represent a data in XML format. It is a MXML based tag.

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Data Binding With fx:Model tag in Flex4

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Data Binding With fx:Model tag in Flex4

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Data Binding With fx:Model tag in Flex4
Data Binding with fx:Model tag  in Flex4: The <fx:Model> tag represent a data in XML format. It is a MXML based tag. This tag contains... Binding with fx:model tag" width="293"> <mx:Form width="
Data Binding with XML Data Model in Flex4
Data Binding with XML DataModel in Flex4: The <fx:XML> tag contains a data in tree format. It is just like a <fx:Model> tag. The flex builder compiles the <fx:XML> tag into literal XML data. You can use this data
XML data binding
XML data binding   hello, What is XML data binding?   hii, XML data binding refers to the process of representing the information in an XML document as an object in computer memory
Flex 3 data binding process and example
Data binding in Flex 3:- Data binding is a process to pass data from one... of the application. There are many type of data binding in Flex 3. The source and destination properties and a trigger event required for data binding process
Binding in flex
: 1. When we define a data binding in MXML it will use at compile time and we define a data binding in action script it will use at run time. 2. you use... expression in a data binding expression defined in ActionScript. 4. When we
Context binding
Context binding  What is meant by Context binding?   A binding context is an object that holds data that you can reference from your... context that refers to the nested view model data.   Thanks:-) public
value and binding attribute
value and binding attribute  What is the difference between value and binding attribute of jsf tag
Flex data binding example
Flex data binding example       In the example below, data binding in flex is demonstrated. Here data binding means binding or connecting the properties or attributes of flex
binding data with textbox on dropdown click
binding data with textbox on dropdown click  Hello friends,Divyesh here. i have jsp page and i would like to bind data with text box on dropdown click. in dropdown employee id are load.and when we select perticular id than how
SkinnableDataContainer in Flex4
<s:SkinnableDataContainer> tag to use skinnable data container and set...SkinnableDataContainer in Flex4: SkinnableDataConatiner Container is a Flex4 container hold and lays out data items and supports virtualization. 
what is difference between one-way data binding and two-way data binding?
what is difference between one-way data binding and two-way data binding?  what is difference between one-way data binding and two-way data binding? Thanks
ComboBox in Flex4
ComboBox in Flex4: In Flex4 Combobox is called a spark Combobox control... for choosing a item it opens a DropDownList. It contains data item and the area which contains the data item is called a prompt area of the control .You
Data binding with data model in Flex 3
Data binding with data model:- In this example we have used data model for binding data for objects. Example:- <?xml version="1.0"..."> <mx:Model id="datamodel"> <data>


Slider in Flex4
Slider control in Flex4: Flex4 Slider control is also called a Spark Slider... and horizontal sliding. When we click a slider thumb a data tip appears which show... depends on the minimum and maximum value of the control. The tag of VSlider
Flex4  Hi.. What is the difference between Flex3 and Flex4? Please tell me about that...... Thanks   Difference between Flex3 and Flex4: Adobe Flex 4 including a new skinning and component architecture, a new
JSF binding attribute - Java Server Faces Questions
by referencing the property in the "binding" attribute of the tag associated...JSF binding attribute  Hi frnds.. Can anyone please enlighten me about binding attribute in JSF... how can we use binding attribute...please give
Label in Flex4
Label in Flex4: In Flex4 Label is a lightweight and low level UI-component that is known as Spark Component in FLex4. Spark Label is used for rendering one or more lines of uniformly-formatted text. Label in Flex4 utilize the new
Spinner in Flex4
Spinner control in Flex4: Flex4 introduced a new a Spinner control which was not available in MX. In Flex4 Spinner control is called a Spark component... in Spinner control. The tag of Spinner control is <s:Spinner>
binding jComboBox to mysql database - Swing AWT
binding jComboBox to mysql database  I am using netbeans 6.5 How to populate jComboBox with data of specific column of mysql database table? I have tried everything but still unable to get the solution please help 
JSF column Tag
JSF column Tag      This section tells you about the JSF html column tag which is used for creating columns of a table. This tag creates a data column
Form Layout Container in Flex4
, validation and binding the data to the flex data model for checking a valid data. You can use the style sheet for better appearance of form. You can use...Form Layout Container in Flex4: The Form Layout container is a MX container
RichText in Flex4
RichText in Flex4: In Flex4 RichText Control is a Spark Control... as horizontally and vertically but it can't be scrolled. The tag of RichText Control is <s:RichText>. You can set the property with in the tag
NavigatorcontentContainer in Flex4
NavigatorContent Container in Flex4: The NavigatorContent Container is a Flex4 container that's used to switch between multiple children which are other...:NavigatorContent> tag in the application. Example: <?xml
TextArea in Flex4
TextArea Control in Flex4: The TextArea control is a component of both the MX... Components while developing any program in Flex4. The characteristics of MX... field. The tag of TextArea is <s:TextArea>. Example: <
Binding in Flex
Binding in Flex  Hi....... Explain how binding works in mxml components? Please give the answer with example. Thanks  Ans: Binding in MXML Please see the following code: <s:Button id="btn" label
FlexNativeMenu Control in Flex4
FlexNativeMenu Control  in Flex4: The FlexNativeMenu is a MX component. It's provide a data for menu control. It has no visual representation... it in a FlexNativeMenu control using dataProvider property for providing a data
Tomahawk column tag
Tomahawk column tag          This tag is used for the columns of the table. It can be used in dataTable tag instead of using h:column
RicheditableText in Flex4
RichEditableText in flex4: In Flex4 the RichEditableText control is just like a RichText control in which the text display in richly-formatted text... and append to the text respectively. The tag of RichEditableText is <s
Tomahawk dataList tag
Tomahawk dataList tag          This tag is like dataTable tag but the difference between the two is that it does not render a table. In this tag
Chart Series Class in Flex4
Chart Series Class in Flex4: The chart series classes are used for render a data in a chart control. The series classes are used... is what data to render in the chart. You can use the series that what field
JSF form tag
JSF form tag      This tag renders html form element which contains the data that is submitted with the form. This tag uses "POST" method. The components under the particular
Set Tag (Data Tag) Example
Set Tag (Data Tag) Example       In this section, we are going to describe the Set tag. The set tag is a generic tag...; tag as  shown in the setTag.jsp page. The set tag is used to assign a value
PopUpAnchor Control in Flex4
PopUpAnchor Control in Flex4: The PopUpAnchor control is a Spark component. This new component added in Flex4. The PopUpAnchor control is used to a pop-up... form pop ups, click a hyperlink and a message pop ups. The tag
Param Tag (Data Tag) Example
Param Tag (Data Tag) Example       In this section, we are going to describe the param tag. The param tag is a generic tag that is used to parameterize other tags. For example the include tag and bean tag
DropDownList in Flex4
DropDownList control in Flex4: The DropDownList control contains a drop-down... provide the data to the DropDownList control by using the DataProvider(<s... control. The tag of DropDownList control is <s:DropDownList>. Example
Java Architecture for XML Binding
Java Architecture for XML Binding      ... as the standard for exchanging data across disparate systems, and Java technology... in helping developers to exchange data and programs across the Internet. Together
Tree Control in Flex4
Tree Control in Flex4: The Tree control is used for a hierarchical data which... to expose children. The tag of Tree Control is <mx:Tree>. Example...; In this example you can see how we can use a Tree control in Flex4. Output
Text Tag (Data Tag) Example
Text Tag (Data Tag) Example       In this section, we are going to describe the text tag. The text tag is a generic tag... in the resource bundle, then the body of the tag will be used as default message
CreditCardValidator in Flex4
CreditCardValidator in Flex4: The CreditCardValidator class is used.... MasterCard: 16 digits 3. American Express: 15 digits The tag of CreditCardValidator...; </fx:Script> <fx:Declarations> <fx:Model id="
JSF Login Example By Using Component Instance Binding
JSF Login Example By Using Component Instance Binding... value or component instance. Both types of binding requires use... of the tag associated with the component. But we have to take care
TabBar in Flex4
TabBar control in flex4: The Spark TabBar control defines a horizontal row... row . You provide data for a tabBar control by its dataProvider property. Dataporvider is the default property of TabBar control. The tag of TabBr control
Bean Tag (Data Tag) Example
Bean Tag (Data Tag) Example       In this section, we are going to describe the Bean Tag. The Bean tag is a generic tag... specification. This tag has a body which can contain a number of Param elements to set any
Tomahawk inputFileUpload tag
Tomahawk inputFileUpload tag   ... is created using <t:inputFileUpload> tag. Do remember to include "enctype" attribute in the form tag and set to "multipart/form-data". You
JSF inputSecret Tag
JSF inputSecret Tag     ... inputSecret tag. This tag is used to create a text box for having... of the inputSecret tag has been assigned "chandan" but by seeing
Expression tag
Expression tag  Defined Expression tag in JSP ?   Expression tag is used to display output of any data on the generated page. The data... data into string. The Expression tag can contain any Java expression used
RadioButton in Flex4
RadioButton in Flex4: In Flex4 RadioButton is a spark component. You can use two or more RadioButton components with in a RadioButtonGroup and select only... pixels and maximum size 10000*10000 pixels. The tag of RadioButton is <s
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