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  Tutorial: Remote Location Handeling - RMI

Remote Location Handeling - RMI

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Remote Location Handeling - RMI

Read Tutorial Remote Location Handeling - RMI.

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Remote Location Handeling - RMI

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Remote Location Handeling - RMI

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How to downloads an application of the file from remote location?
How to downloads an application of the file from remote location?  Hi, Can help me How to downloads an application of Java file from remote... an application of file in the remote location. Plz visit this link for how to download
Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL)
;    Overview: Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL) is an advanced method used to track and monitor any remote vehicle equipped.... Increase in productivity - Knowing the precise location of any vehicle help
Remote Desktop Services
Remote Desktop Services Formerly known as Terminal Services in Windows Server 2008, the Remote Desktop Services in Windows Server 2008 R2 is Microsoft Window?s component that allows the users access applications and data on a remote
about pdf file handeling

about pdf file handeling

The Use of Remote Sensing in HealthCare
of technology the use of remote sensing in healthcare is fairly wide and numerous. Remote sensing works in numerous ways to improve the surveillance in healthcare and who will deny that if you can put remote surveillance of patient's
Automobile Remote Monitoring System
party to track the vehicle's location. Automobile remote monitoring system...Automobile remote monitoring system is web-based solution that uses advanced... devices essentially store the GPS location. Apart from that, the speed, heading
How to identify the remote system that gets connected to our - Struts
How to identify the remote system that gets connected to our    Hi, I am doing a project which works on providing security.In this my pblem is any user from anywhere and any location if they get registered into our site how
remote communication
remote communication  what is t3 services
Location Reminder
Location Reminder  Hi, i am planing to do a project called location... mark thar place in my mobile, and later if i visit that location,my mobile has to give a reminder. How to mark a location on mobile using GPS? Please give me
cursor location
cursor location   hi,please how to change cursor location by java code ,i use this code but not change the location JTextArea a=new JtextArea(); if(resultText.equalsIgnoreCase("class")){ a.append("a { \n }"); PointerInfo
location - MobileApplications
location  I want to do project in which when i go to college my mobile should get automatically to silent mode using the location where the college... location that come on our mobile display and silent the mobile. im new to J2ME
mkmapkit location search
mkmapkit location search  How to create a location search function that will allow the current location search on the MKMapKit
Remote file storing in mobile
Remote file storing in mobile  Hai.. i want to do my semester project..i have selected a topic "Remote file storing in mobile" is in the form...,audio,contacts etc in the mobile to a remote how many users
Remote file storing in mobile
Remote file storing in mobile  Hai.. i want to do my semester project..i have selected a topic "Remote file storing in mobile" is in the form...,audio,contacts etc in the mobile to a remote how many users
ssh to remote server - JavaMail
ssh to remote server  I designed an application for feedback, in that application i want to write a code for automatic mail sending, can you please tell me how to write code for that. Please help us
run exe on remote client
run exe on remote client  I am making a client server application using netbins 6.1 , Jsp servlet, Mysql5.1... I want to run an batch file or exe... copied files fromserver to client using my application but i cant run it on remote
Remote mobile desktop - MobileApplications
Remote mobile desktop  I am doing my research to implement a java mobile application to access another remote mobile phone with the authentication.This application will have to use the service provider's network and a server
iphone location framework
iphone location framework  Which framework do i need to add to get the iphone current location in iPhone frameworks?   Add core location to your existing frameworks. CoreLocation.framework   
Linux remote destop - IDE Questions
Linux remote destop  Can i install Rdp(remote desktop protocol)software on linux
mkmapview zoom to current location
mkmapview zoom to current location  How can i zoom map to the current location
j2me location updates programming
j2me location updates programming  kindly please, assist me with with a j2me code for obtaining and sending GPS location updates periodicaly to the server IE; LATITUDE, LONGITUDE, SPEED, TIME. Am using netbeans IDE and PHP
Location Api - MobileApplications
Location Api  I am using following code to get coordinates of location in gps. On emulator in netbeans it shows me output as 2.0 2.0... a location provider: Criteria cr= new Criteria(); public void
timezone_location_get() Function in PHP timezone_location_get alias DateTimeZone::getLocation returns location information for a timezone including country code, latitude/longitude and comments. Syntax of timezone_location_get
Remote Server Application Development Connect Wherever You Are
you to connect to the internet from a remote location if you have a dial-up...Remote Server Application Development – Connect Wherever You... from your desktop PC, laptop, and even your mobile phone. With remote server
Java Remote Machines - Java Beginners
Java Remote Machines  How to get the Physical path of virtual Directories created in IIS using the Java Desktop Applications? Any one please help me on this, I want to get the Physical of Virtual Directory created on Remote
Remote desktop access - JSP-Servlet
Remote desktop access  Hello everyone Thank a lot for all the reply given before i have my 4th question which is about Remote desktop accessing inside the network and also accessing the computer inside domain please
Automatic Vehicle Location Advantage,Automatic Vehicle Location,Vehicle Location
Automatic Vehicle Location Advantage     ... Location or AVL is a system primarily used in tracking vehicles, freight... Better security for driver as well as travelers by enabling faster location
how to check a remote applications validity
how to check a remote applications validity  i am developing a network application to avoid unauthorized access to a port .. for that i need to get the application id . how to get the appln id of an appln. or is there any way
JavaScript method location
JavaScript method location         ... using location property of the window object. One of them is location.href which
Connecting to remote mysql server using jdbc.
Connecting to remote mysql server using jdbc.  How to Connect to remote mysql server using jdbc
application of remote procedure call - JSP-Servlet
application of remote procedure call  give the small application for the remote procedure call and its related program code in java
Program in javascript to show the current location
Program in javascript to show the current location  Hi All, Actually in my application ..i wanted to updated the current location each time it gets... location in JavaScript? Thanks
Java Get Class Location
Java Get Class Location   ... location. For this, we have used the classes URL and ClassLoader. The class...(classLocation) returns the location of the class.  import 
Printing the title of a remote page
Printing the title of the remote page In the following example we have extracted the title of the page accessed from a remote web server. ...;r"); if (!$file) { echo "<p>Unable to open remote file
Struts properties file location - Struts
Struts properties file location  Hi, Where struts properties file stored in web application. I mean which location. Thank u   Hi Friend, The file can be locate anywhere on the classpath
File location in FileOutputStream - JSP-Servlet
File location in FileOutputStream  Hai, For uploading a file i... a method to specify a location to store the file which is uploaded. I required...\webapps\\stud\images by changing the location to the folder
Maven remote repository
In this section, you will learn to utilize remote repository of Maven for downloading libraries which are not present in Maven's central repository
Location finding error - JSP-Servlet
Location finding error  Location needs from drive name: My file uploading program has an error. It requires the location should be given from the directory name. Instead of this if only parent directory is given it shows
Project Location change - Development process
Project Location change  Hi , I have developed mini project . In my machine everything is working fine. But i moved that folder to another machine ,ow can i run that project. Now i installed weblogic in tat system also
sending sms from a remote pc - MobileApplications
sending sms from a remote pc  I have a remote pc that has a localhost server(tomcat).I want to know whether it is possible for me to send an sms from this server(my pc) to a mobile phone.If so can i have the sample code
Remote file transfer in java using SSH & Telnet
Remote file transfer in java using SSH & Telnet  How to upload & download a file in java using SSH & Telnet
Tomcat Server configuration with Eclipse at remote machine
Tomcat Server configuration with Eclipse at remote machine  "Several... same web application on remote machine by different users using different... than two users having same remote IP address. Please Help Thanks In Advance
remote procedure call using java - JSP-Servlet
remote procedure call using java  what is the romote procedure call and related coding in java?  Hi Friend, The RPC (Remote Procedure Call) is a mechanism that enables a remote procedure call from a client
What is Remote Manufacturing?
The word 'remote' as it used to meant decades before is no longer operative in the same way in our present context of time and space and so remote manufacturing just like the remote control evokes no feeling of remoteness in us. We now
Apache HSSF Jar file location

Remote System OS name in JAVA - JSP-Servlet
Remote System OS name in JAVA  I need to print the different os names of the all computers in my local network. I know that with System.getProperty(""), I get the os name of my computer but for the other computers, I have
How to design a remote of the game.
How to design a remote of the game.   ...? Then come forward to design a video game remote by using Photoshop. This tutorial... Gradient Overlay and use setting as given below pop up menu. Legs of the Remote
Find Exact Location from IP address in java?
Find Exact Location from IP address in java?  I am looking for API where we can pass IP address and get the location (Cityname,Country name). please suggest any API OR sample code. Thank you
to make a google map point to user defined location
) and points the location in google how do i do it? wen i press the submit... the desired location of the user
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