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Graphics class in flex

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Graphics class in flex

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Graphics class in flex

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Graphics class in flex

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Graphics class in flex
Graphics class in flex  Hi.... What does clear() do in graphics class? please tell me about that.... Thanks   Ans: Clears the graphics that were drawn to this Graphics object, and resets fill and line style settings
FXG graphics
for defining static graphics. You typically use a graphics tool such as Adobe.../mxml/2009" xmlns:mx="library://ns.adobe.com/flex/mx" xmlns:s="library://ns.adobe.com/flex/spark" xmlns:comps="FXG.*"> <mx:Panel title="Path FXG Example
Java Graphics Programming
Graphics class. import javax.swing.*; import java.awt.*; public class...Java Graphics Programming  Hi<BR> I am newbie to java and I... appears. Here is the code. import java.awt.*;<BR> public class FirstCanvase
Graphics 2D
effects with graphics and images and the alpha values, the class AlphaComposite... To display the graphics, we have used the class DisplayMode which provides the bit... Graphics 2D      
Show Graphics on full Screen
the graphics, we have used the class DisplayMode which provides the bit depth.... To organize the graphics on a window or canvas, we used the class... .style1 { margin-right: 140px; } Show Graphics
Java get Graphics
Java get Graphics     ... the method getGraphics(). For this, we have used the class BufferedImage. The method image.getGraphics() returns the Graphics object. The method
Create Human Face using Graphics
off-screen images. The Graphics class provides several methods through which we...Create Human Face using Graphics In this section, you will learn how to create human face using Graphics. A Graphics provides contexts that allow
Skin in flex
graphics, called graphical skins in Flex. 2. Programmatic skin : A vector graphic, called a programmatic skin in Flex. 3. Stateful skin : A type of programmatic... to skin a component in flex? Please give me the answer ASAP Thanks  
Flex basic
Flex basic  Hi...... Please tell me about What are non-visual components in flex? What class do they extend? please give the name of these components....... Thanks
Java and Flex
are the similarities between java and flex? Thanks  Ans:Java and flex both used as client application. The similarities between java and flex are following: 1... 5. same primitive datatypes 6. import external pakages 7. both support class
Flex event
Flex event  Hi..... I have a problem regarding obj.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, MouseClickHAndler); in this obj should inherit which class? please give the name of that class......... Thanks
Noise Image in Graphics
Noise Image in Graphics      ... of graphics in Java. For this we have to import awt and swing package in our Java code. In this tutorial you will learn how to create a noise image in graphics. Now
Flex Skin Design
Flex Skin Design Adobe Flex is a highly productive, free open source software... Applications (RIAs). Flex provides a modern, standards-based language... other than a bitmap graphics or vector graphic image. These images can be created
Abstraction in flex
Abstraction in flex  Hi... What keyword allows you to implement abstraction better? please tell me about it.... Thanks   Ans: Flex does not support abstart class directly. Thanks
Flex ClassFactory
;factory object" which Flex uses to generate instances of another class, each with identical properties. The ClassFactory class implements the IFactory...Flex ClassFactory   Hi.... What is ClassFactory and why
Add RenderingHints to a Graphics
that extends the Graphics class to provide  KEY_ANTIALIASING:  ... Add RenderingHints to a Graphics   ... to a graphics on the frame. The rendering hints uses the Graphics2D and creates
Noise Image in Graphics
Noise Image in Graphics     ... of graphics in Java. For this we have to import awt and swing package in our Java code. In this tutorial you will learn how to create a noise image in graphics. Now
Style in Flex
on components in flex? please give me an example for each........ Thanks...://ns.adobe.com/flex/spark"; @namespace mx "library://ns.adobe.com/flex/mx"... { style_property: value; } </fx:Style> 3. StyleManager class Ex
Interfaces in flex
: The LayoutManager is the engine behind Flex's measurement and layout strategy. Layout...: Indicates that a component or object can be used with the Repeater class
addEventListner in flex
{ Alert.show('welcome to Flex World'); } </mx:Script> <mx:HBox>... flash.events.Event; public class ModalText extends TextArea { public
DataGrid in flex
DataGrid in flex  Hi..... Please tell me about DataGrid extends which class? please give me the syntax......... Thanks
SpriteClass in Flex
SpriteClass in Flex  hi.... Why we extent Sprite Class in our Graphical Classes? please give me the description....... Thanks
Flex 4
Flex 4 The Flex 4 is open source framework for building Rich Internet (RI) Application. In this section we will see the features of Flex 4. The Flex 4... the browsers. So, if you develop your application in Flex 4, your user's
layoutChrome in flex
layoutChrome in flex  Hi..... I want to know about What is layoutChrome ? Thanks   layoutChrome(): Defines the border area around the container for subclasses of the Container class
graphics program
graphics program  i want a program that implements merge sort algorithm in graphics
Event in flex
for that Thanks   Ans: The methods of the Event class can be used... flash.events.TextEvent; [SWF(width=550, height=400)] public class
measure in flex
the border area around the container for subclasses of the Container class
State in flex
State in flex  Hi.... just tell me about What is state? what is the difference between states and ViewStack? Please give me an example. Thanks in advance  Ans: State: The State class defines a view state
Hire Dedicated Offshore Flex Developers
Hire Dedicated Offshore Flex Developers Adobe System had launched a lite... Internet Applications through coding. Using Flex, programmers can develop multimedia... making any changes. The Flex Apps easily optimized too. Flex offers several
Sitemap Adobe Flex Tutorial
Introducing Flex | Downloading and Installing Flex | Downloading and Installing Flex Builder | Compiling MXML application | Eclipse flex ant coding | Compiling MXML files with FlexBuilder | Flex Combo Box
Dynamic class in Flex 3
: #FFFFCC; } .style2 { background-color: #FFFFCC; } Dynamic Class In Flex In flex, you must have created ActionScript classes where properties and methods are declared and defined. Flex also let you add properties and methods
iPhone Graphics
iPhone Graphics  Hi, How to create iPhone Graphics? I am learning to crate UI Design for iPhone and iPad. Thanks
Draw An Arc in Graphics
Draw An Arc in Graphics       In this section, you will learn how to draw an arc in Graphics..., class Arc2D is used. To give the stylistic and impressive way to the outline
Flex 4 Features
Flex 4 Features Flex released its new version Flex 4 with huge changes in its architecture. Along with this new release, adobe also released new flex application builder tool named ?Flash Builder? which was formerly known as ?Flex
Referencing components in flex 4
Referencing components in flex 4  I used to create flex 3 applications using canvas as main components. In this moment I am creating flex 4... it gets an error 1119 because arrTaxa cannot be referenced inside a static class
Drag Manager in flex
manager in flex? Give me the answer with example Thanks  Ans: The DragManager class manage drag and drop operation in which you can move... an object, such as an item in a List control or a Flex control, such as an Image
Flex Tutorials
Flex Tutorials       Flex is the an open source framework developed by Adobe for creating rich internet applications. Flex based applications provide real time
java graphics

Flex DateChooser with Date Class
DateChooser with Date Class:- In this tutorial you can see how to use DateChooser with the help of Date Class in flex and how to use it. DateChooser control..., or access the Date in the selectedDate property. The Date class has many methods
Item renderer in flex
implement this in my apps. Thanks  Ans: The base class for Spark item... to use mx.core.ClassFactory. Basically, in order to change a Flex itemRenderer
Module in Flex 3
Module in Flex 3:- In the Flex 3,  Modules are dynamically loadable SWF that contains an IFlexModuleFactory class factory. They can be loaded... with the help of module class. More then one applications also used these modules
Movie clip in flex
Movie clip in flex  Hi... What is a MovieClip? IUIMovieClip? please give me an example. Thanks   Ans: MovieClip: The MovieClip class... be either a MovieClip object or extend from the MovieClip class. While ActionScript can
graphics - Java Beginners
graphics  In java-graphics.. I want to draw a rectangle and resize that rectangle(small,big) ..by using mouse cursors
Graphics MIDlet Example
of graphics in J2ME we use MIDlet's. In the example we have created PacerCanvas class that extends the canvas class  to draw this graphics. Please find... Graphics MIDlet Example     

Downloading and Installing Flex
Downloading and Installing Flex       Flex technology is built with earlier scripting... Flex 3.1 SDK (Software Development Kit) is freely downloadable at  http
Draw Polygon in Graphics
Draw Polygon in Graphics   ... in Graphics. A polygon is a closed path or circuit which is made by joining line... segments. To draw a polygon, we have used the Polygon class.      
Creating Modal Window in Flex
Creating Modal Window in Flex       In the Adobe flex application you can also create the Modal Window with the help of the container Title Window and mx.component.PopUpManager class
Flash Development Services, Flash and Graphics Design Solutions
Flash Development Flash and Graphics Application Development Services...), Flex and so on. A little bit of flash content is almost mandatory for any... Internet Application's for Flash Flash based FLEX applications Flash
How to use flickr image in Flex
How to use flickr image in Flex  Hi, I want to diaply the flickr image in my Flex application. Do I need a crossdomain.xml file on flickr..., but the reflection class copies the bitmapData of the image, so that doesn?t work
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