Tutorial: PHP File based guestbook, PHP Guestbook

PHP File based guestbook, PHP Guestbook

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Here we have a single PHP script to add new records to the guestbook and also to show them on the page. It is a file based guestbook!

Read Tutorial PHP File based guestbook, PHP Guestbook.

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PHP File based guestbook, PHP Guestbook

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PHP File based guestbook, PHP Guestbook

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PHP File based guestbook, PHP Guestbook
File based guestbook In this tutorial we will create a file based PHP guestbook in this tutorial. I have decided to put everything into one executable file... to use file locking functions if you want stable guestbook. $fp=fopen
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Example of filegroup() function in PHP Syntax of filegroup()in PHP int filegroup ( filename) It gives the groupid in integer format of the given file based on UNIX o/s To convert it to proper format use the posix_getgrgid
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