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HttpServlet protocols

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HttpServlet protocols

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HttpServlet protocols

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HttpServlet protocols

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HttpServlet protocols
HttpServlet protocols   What are the type of protocols supported by HttpServlet?   It extends the GenericServlet base class and provides an framework for handling the HTTP protocol. So, HttpServlet only supports HTTP
Methods of HttpServlet
Methods of HttpServlet  What are methods of HttpServlet
Protocols      ... by the standard Java browsing views in Eclipse 3.0. The Protocols plug-in solves these problems. With the Protocols plug-in, grouping is manifested both
HttpServlet is declared abstract
HttpServlet is declared abstract  Explain why HttpServlet is declared abstract
web service protocols
Web service Protocols         Web service protocols: Here is the list of some protocols used for Web Services
@Protocols in Objective C
@Protocols in Objective C  Understanding @Protocols in Objective-C   @protocol in objective c @protocol is the keyword type in Objective C. Which is used to declare a formal protocol. You can find more Objective c
Related to GenericServlet and HttpServlet
Related to GenericServlet and HttpServlet  Que: Http Servlet extends Generic Servlet then Why both GenericServlet and HttpServlet implements Serializable interface ?   GenericServlet and HttpServlet implement
Java httpservlet
Java httpservlet       HttpServlet class is an abstract class defined in "javax.servlet.http"...-independent servlet but HttpServlet class provides an HTTP protocol specific
Difference between GenericServlet and HttpServlet
and HttpServlet. GenericServlet is an abstract class that extends java.lang.Object while HttpServlet is an abstract class that extends GenericServlet... interfaces while HttpServlet implements java.io.Serializable. HttpServlet is a subclass
HttpServlet reading XML from HttpRequest - XML
HttpServlet reading XML from HttpRequest   Hi , My requirement is 1.Input to the HttpServlet will be the XML sent by upstream as HttpRequest.... HttpServlet should only read the XML from HttpRequest and put it to a string. Can any
Identify correct and incorrect statements or examples about persistent relationships, remove protocols, and about the abstract schema type of a CMP entity bean.
Identify correct and incorrect statements or examples about persistent relationships, remove protocols, and about the abstract schema type... relationships, remove protocols, and about the abstract schema type of a CMP
Java UDP
Java UDP       TCP and UDP are transport protocols used for communication between computers. UDP(User Datagram Protocol) is a very simple connectionless protocol. UDP can
Web Services
Web Services       A web service is a collection of protocols and standards that allows different applications from different sources to communicate with each other over the web. Web
Servlet - Servlet Interview Questions
of protocols. 9)It can be request replicate. HttpServlet: 1)javax.servlet.http package belongs to HttpServlet . 2)It is abstract class which extends... to GenericServlet is HttpServlet. 6)It is a protocol-independent servlet. 7)GenericServlet
Creating Web application on tomcat server
named as HelloWorld that extends the abstract HttpServlet class. The code written... HttpServlet { public void doGet(HttpServletRequest request
Open Source Distributed Cache Solutions written in Java

J2EE interview questions page1
of services, application programming interfaces (APIs), and protocols that provide
Open Source Servers
and RTSP protocols. Based on the same code base as QuickTime Streaming Server..., and device management for wireless devices and PCs, leveraging standard protocols
VoIP Over WiFi
VoIP Over WiFi          A VoIP Over WiFi with work in Progress  The 802.11 wireless LAN protocols, like the Internetworking Protocol (IP) that the Internet
Difference between Web Server and Application Server
In this section we will learn the difference between Web Server and Application Server. Web Server handles HTTP and HTTPS request and response while the Application server allows business logic to client through various protocols
Brief Introduction to the Web Application development

VoIP Mac
would expect from a PBX and more. Asterisk does voice over IP in three protocols
java - Java Interview Questions
java  How java can be used to write router protocols? like snmp ? cna i have an example one
Servlet - Java Interview Questions
Servlet  Q why javasoft has declared HttpServlet Class as an Abstract Class althoug there is no abstract method availiable in HttpServlet Class
Web service protocol stack
Web service protocol stack  hii, What is the Web service protocol stack?   hello, The Web service protocol stack is an evolving set of protocols used to define, discover, and implement Web services
Jigsaw   hii, What is Jigsaw?   hello, Jigsaw is a Web server ,written in the Java programming language from the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) that is designed for the purpose of demonstrating new Web protocols
J2EE  What is J2EE?   J2EE is an environment for developing and deploying enterprise applications. The J2EE platform consists of a set of services, application programming interfaces (APIs), and protocols that provide
whent to use web server - Development process
whent to use web server  Web Server ->we can run only servlets jsp and html pages but not EJB'S.but it is possible in App server. web server cannot handle huge load , application server is for all types of protocols. My
Servlet Interview Questions - Page 2
method. Question: What are the type of protocols supported by HttpServlet? Answer... the HTTP protocol. So, HttpServlet only supports HTTP and HTTPS protocol
the servlets
GenericServlet and HTTPServlet: 1)GenericServlet belongs to javax.servlet package while HttpServlet belongs to javax.servlet.http package. 2)GenericServlet... and java.io.Serializable interfaces. HTTPServlet is an abstract class which extends
servlet as it is mandatory to override it. But, when you extend HttpServlet to create... doGet or doPost method of HttpServlet
Types of Servlet
Types of Servlet  What are the types of Servlet ?   There are two types of servlets, GenericServlet and HttpServlet. GenericServlet defines the generic or protocol independent servlet. HttpServlet is subclass
Sliding window protocol
Sliding window protocol  Hello Everyone. Will anybody send me the code to make sliding window protocol animation using java swings. I have to do project with all types sliding protocols such as selectiverepeat,gobackN..etc. I
Bluetooth devices can communicate concurrently
computer network of devices using Bluetooth technology protocols to allow one
Client side refresh
Client side refresh  What is client side refresh?   The standard HTTP protocols ways of refreshing the page, which is normally supported by all browsers. <META HTTP-EQUIV="Refresh" CONTENT="5; URL=/servlet/MyServlet
web server - WebSevices
business logic to client applications through various protocols like HTTP, TCP-IP
java - Servlet Interview Questions
;Hi malli,GenericServlet is the super class of HttpServlet calssjava soft... keeping the needs of internet users in view,They hav developed HttpServlet class implementing same interfaces (Servlet and ServletConfig)HttpServlet
that implements it such as HttpServlet. Servlets | GenericServlet | HTTPServlet
java - JSP-Servlet
java  can u tell me why httpservlet is abstract class  Hi friend, Some points remember to HttpServlet is abstract class : 1)Its default implementations of the main service methods do nothing. 2)It must
Web 2
content as a Web 2.0 feature includes because it standardized protocols..., a browser plugin or a separate desktop application. XML based protocols like RSS... user-friendly icons. Specialized protocols Social networking sites uses
Web 2.0 Innovations
2.0 feature includes because it standardized protocols that allows users... or a separate desktop application. XML based protocols like RSS, RDF and atom allow... icons. Specialized protocols Social networking sites uses the specialized
implementation class AdminServlet */ public class BankServlet extends HttpServlet...; /** * @see HttpServlet#HttpServlet() */ public BankServlet... } /** * @see HttpServlet#doPost(HttpServletRequest request
VLC media player
streaming protocols. It can also be used as a server to stream in unicast
SCORE Embedded Ada
by the project lead * Interface protocols facilitate data and function
J2EE learning problem - Java Beginners
, APIs, and protocols that provide the functionality for developing multitiered
j2ee - Java Beginners
of a set of services, application programming interfaces (APIs), and protocols
java byte stream array - Java Beginners
specified protocols. I just wanted to know that in order to navigate through
of protocols for connecting cellular phones and other radio devices... is an application protocol that runs on top of the TCP/IP suite of protocols (the foundation protocols for the Internet
servlets  Even though HttpServlet doesn't contain any abstract method..., HttpServlet provides a default implementation for all those methods that does nothing... the methods they need. But actually using the HttpServlet class itself make no sense
Difference between JSP and Servlets
Difference between JSP and Servlets  What is the difference between JSP and Servlets ?   JSP is used mainly for presentation only. A JSP can only be HttpServlet that means the only supported protocol in JSP is HTTP
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