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Social Media Marketing for Business

Social Media Marketing in short SMM is a powerful internet based tool used for business marketing the products, brands, services, and companies to the society.

Social Media Marketing for Business

Social Media Marketing in short SMM is a powerful internet based tool used for Business marketing the products, brands, services, and companies to the society.

Before understanding it clearly let's understand "what is Social Media"?

Since the emergence of second generation of internet, the web technologies have become advanced and internet has gained immense popularity. The marketing companies have got another powerful media to promote their brands and products. This is the internet based media run on the personal computers and mobiles.

Using the second generation of internet based technologies like Web 2.0, several companies had developed numerous social and professional networking sites including Facebook, MySpace, Hi5, Orkut, iBiBo, Linkedin etc. These social networking sites have become hot cake over the internet and millions of internet users are using these website.

Viewing the mass scope of advertising, some internet based marketing companies started to promote their businesses, products, services, brands and corporate images among the social networking sites users. The users are interconnected to one another and thus the advertisement also spread to one to many users.

Similar to social networking sites the content sharing sites also become popular among the user that allow them to express their views, to share with their buddies and to save the creations of others. These sorts of websites provided a paradise to the internet users where the users are free to say something, to listen something, to view something and to share all those things what they like. Thus social networking sites and content sharing sites, wiki sites, professional networking sites, blogs, micro-blogs, social book marking sites became the most powerful tool of mass communication over the internet.

So, Social Media comprises of social networking sites, content sharing sites, wiki sites, blogs, professional networking sites, and all those in which users are free to get some limited facilities to edit, share, send, response and save the matters.

The popular social media sites are Facebok, Facebook, MySpace, Hi5, Orkut, iBiBo, Linkedin (Social networking sites), YouTube, Megaupload, Metacafe (Video Sahring sites), Blogger, Blogspot, MySpace, Word Press, AOL Journals, Type Pad (top blogging websites), Twitter (most popular micro blogging websites), Digg, StumbleUpon, reditt, delicious, tweetmeme, Mixx, Fark Slashdot etc (Social Bookmarking Websites) etc.

Now, you have assessed well what is called Social Media?

So, now it.s very easy to understand the definition of Social Media Marketing?

Definitions of Social Media Marketing:

The marketing of any products, services, businesses, brands or corporate images over the social media sites are called Social Media Marketing.

Social Media Marketing is a type of internet marketing in which the advertisement companies use the social media to maximize its reach among the internet users.

We can also say that the advertising companies can get the maximum returns in minimum attempts, if they use the social media. This is the general term of marketing that mouth publicity is the most powerful tool of advertising and in social media marketing the companies use this type of media similar to mouth publicity in which users recommend any product to their buddies and followers what they like; and it really works.

So, the zest of the Social Media Marketing is ?SMM is a set of techniques used for generating maximum influential publicity over internet and mobile in minimum efforts with the help of social media.



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