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Static Website Designing

A static website is a site of static web pages connected with hyper text mark up language that always comprises the same information in response to all download requests from all users. It displays the same information for all users, from all contexts. The navigation is performed through static documents in it.

A small static website is profitable for small business and personal uses that does not need to update every page every time. We at Roseindia Tech is one the best designing firms in India that designs the static website after consultation of our clients. We chat on several topics like graphics, layout, load time, fonts, bandwidth, screen resolutions, operating systems, and browsers.

While designing the static site, we analytically works on page layout, its colour texture and appearance of the site, which put the first impression on the clients and nudge the clients to stick on the website. To maintaining the flow of the contents with the design is also a crucial things and we provide the best results.

During the development of the project, we continuously in touch with our clients for getting feedback of partial finished work. On the response of feedback, we take further steps. Our designer will tell you the difference between static site and dynamic site.

Then what r u looking for? Contact us for getting world class static website designing service hurriedly.

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