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Top SEO Friendly CMS

CMS or content management system is the web optimized platform for presenting and managing content and they also help the website to hit search engine ranks with numerous SEO friendly features. Here we introduce some of the top SEO friendly CMS platforms.

Top SEO Friendly CMS

Content is your prime element when you target search engine ranks and so SEO campaign or any SEO strategy just cannot undermine the importance of content management system or CMS which represents nothing but an array of web platforms to manage and present content. A great array of top notch websites prefers to be powered by CMS along with their backend database. While Drupal, Wordpress, Joomla are considered to be most popular over the years there are great many CMS platforms that deserve to be named among the top SEO friendly CMS. Sites with a big content reserve often find it really challenging to upload content page by page on HTML when the page counts reaches thousands and then CMS come to rescue. Here are our picks on top SEO friendly CMS.

  1. Wordpress
  2. Wordpress is the world's most popular content management platform. Until now there is no popular platform that could surpass the popularity of Wordpress for blogging. Wordpress is a very flexible platform and according to your SEO requirement can be extended with an array of plugins. Another important thing that makes this as an irreplaceable choice in our list of top SEO friendly CMS is that Wordpress is a very easy to maintain platform. With great developer support and third party support for different developing needs Wordpress is most flexible CMS platform as well and presently is in use with many reputed websites and multitude of bloggers. Wordpress is a open source CMS platform that can be accessed and used by all.

  3. Drupal
  4. This open source content management system is in use for upholding the web presence of some of the worlds most powerful and decisive organizations and bodies like, MTV, The Economist and many more. For large and complex sites that require to be optimized for SEO, Drupal is considered to be the best. Drupal is also regarded as the CMS platform that can be configured and scaled most conveniently compared to other platforms. From creating SEO optimized URLs to using content construction kit to a powerful built in categorization system to the level of flexibility to multiple users with its customizable features - in every regard Drupal is simply unmatched.

  5. Joomla
  6. Though the popularity of Joomla is more recent than Wordpress and Drupal, in certain aspects it even surpassed all other CMS platforms. Joomla is another open source technology which is free for any user or developer. Joomla as a CMS platform allows the search engine crawlers to index the web portal in faster and more effective way. Some of the features and customization benefits that make Joomla one of the top SEO friendly CMS include visible URLs, customizable meta tags and titles, link exchange, uploading blogs with least participation, etc.

  7. MODX
  8. Though in terms of popularity it is still far behind the previously mention three, with a lot of state of the art customizable developer friendly options this content management system is already made its mark. With multiple language support, E-commerce features and a lot of functional add-ons MODX can let you develop a website quicker than you think.

  9. Concrete 5

For typical company websites and blogging focused on marketing, this relatively new CMS platform can really be a huge boost. With SEO friendly URL structures, meta-data and content management ease this CMS platform can take care of your concern on search ranks in easy and straightforward way. From a search engine focused marketing perspective Concrete 5 undoubtedly deserves to be one of the top SEO friendly CMS.



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