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Scripting Tutorials  


  1. VBScript User?s Guide
    Microsoft Visual Basic Scripting Edition brings active scripting to a wide variety of environments, including Web client scripting in Microsoft Internet Explorer and Web server scripting in Microsoft Internet Information Service.If you already know Visual Basic or Visual Basic for Applications (VBA), VBScript will be very familiar. Even if you do not know Visual Basic, once you learn VBScript, you are on your way to programming with the whole family of Visual Basic languages.
  2. DevGuru VBScript Quick Reference
    VBScript, or by its full name, the Microsoft Visual Basic Scripting Edition language, is a simplified version of the Visual Basic and Visual Basic for Applications family of programming languages. It is also considered to be closely related to the BASIC programming language. 
    VBScript is a scripting language. or more precisely a "scripting environment", which can enhance HTML Web pages by making them active, as compared to a simple static display. Specifically, VBScript was created by Microsoft to use either as a client-side scripting language for the Microsoft Internet Explorer (versions 3.0 and later) or as a server-side scripting language with the Microsoft Internet Information Server (versions 3.0 and later).
  3. Language Reference for VBScript
    Array Function:-
    The required arglist argument is a comma-delimited list of values that are assigned to the elements of an array contained with the Variant. If no arguments are specified, an array of zero length is created. The notation used to refer to an element of an array consists of the variable name followed by parentheses containing an index number indicating the desired element. In the following example, the first statement creates a variable named A. The second statement assigns an array to variable A. The last statement assigns the value contained in the second array element to another variable. 
    Dim A
    A = Array(10,20,20)
    B = A(2)
  4. Adding VBScript to Web Pages
    Scripting languages, like JavaScript and VBScript, are designed as an extension to HTML. The web browser receives scripts along with the rest of the web document. It is the browser's responsibility to parse and process the scripts. HTML was extended to include a tag that is used to incorporate scripts into HTML-the <SCRIPT> tag.The beginning <SCRIPT> tag includes a LANGUAGE argument that indicates the scripting language that will be used. The LANGUAGE argument is required because there is more than one scripting language. Without the LANGUAGE argument, a web browser would not know if the text between the tags was JavaScript, VBScript or another scripting language.
  5. VBScript Exercise
    The easiest way to learn any language is to work with it. So let's get right into exercise 1 and expose you to the process of using VBScript in your web pages. Just follow along with the step-by-step instructions to create your first script-enabled web page. In this exercise, you will create an HTML document and add a simple script to respond to a click event generated by a command button. You will need to be familiar with creating and testing an HTML document.


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