J2ME Tutorial - Java 2 Micro Edition or J2ME for short is technologies contain a highly optimized Java Runtime Environment, for programming the vast consumer devices. J2ME can be used to a wide range of extremely tiny commodities such smart cards, pagers, set-top boxes, and other small appliances. Search for J2ME Examples, codes and tutorials.

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Tutorial J2ME Tutorial
This section will describes you about the J2ME i.e. what is J2ME, J2ME configuration, what is the use of J2ME, features of J2ME, System requirements for J2ME application development, CLDC, CDC View Rating

Tutorial KXML Parse Example
In this section, we will develop a J2ME application to parses the RSS document and then display the data on the mobile screen. View Rating

Tutorial Immutable Image MIDlet Example
This is the immutable image example, which shows how to create a immutable image in MIDlet. In this example we are creating a image without using of canvas. View Rating

Tutorial Co-ordinates MIDlet Example
In this example the CoordinatesCanvas class extends the Canvas class to draw the image and fill color as given below in the figure. View Rating
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