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How to make a closing eyes, make a closing eyes, closing eyes

This page discusses - How to make a closing eyes, make a closing eyes, closing eyes

How to make a closing eyes


This is a funny example, It is great effort to make still eye to closing eye. You will learn here how is it made possible by this example.

Take Picture: Take any eye picture to apply this example.

Clone Stamp Tool: Take a new layer, choose Clone stamp tool (S key) and press Alt key on the eyelid then click. Now scroll your mouse on the eyelid to  make close eye as I have done here.
(Note: Every image one step should be on new layer.)


Use same step on new layer till the doesn't close as given here.

Image Ready: Go to image ready with this file by clicking bottom of the toolbar to make animation. You will find an animation window, now adjust all the layer one by one in the every new frame so make complete animation as I have done here.

Save file: Now save your file, go to File > choose save optimized and given any name.

Final Result


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