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Open Source Forum

The Open Source Forums will be short and focused seminars on topical developments in the Open Source field.

Open Source Forum

  1. Open Source Forum on Software Patents
    The Open Source Forums will be short and focused seminars on topical developments in the Open Source field. It is intended that each seminar will include presentations from invited speakers who will represent a range of views. The forums will also provide an opportunity for all Open Source participants to express their views. The Forums are intended to provide Open Source participants, including small businesses, with an opportunity to get the benefit of a range of views from leaders in the relevant fields and to contribute to the debate on topical developments of relevance to the Open Source movement.
  2. An Open Forum for Open Source CMS & DRM
    There are great divides in the contemporary media industry. Many companies and individuals are finding themselves on the wrong side of the laws--Moore's Law, Metcalfe's Law, and Constitutional Law. Authena is devoted to keeping artists and entreprenuers on the right side of the laws. The Open Source Content Management System (CMS) renaissance is under way, and with a few clicks of the mouse or a bit of PHP, you can begin leveraging its vast power to host your band's site, to share or sell your photography, to display your art, to organize and stream your music, to set up a record label or publishing house, and to have fun pursuing your artistic dreams. Simply put, Open Source has moved beyond the operating system, and is now bringing its classic robustness and freedom to content management systems--many are listed in the right hand column.
  3. The Second Open Source Forum
    During the Forum many famous in open source community people will make a report. Andrew Morton, the lead maintainer for the Linux public production kernel and the coordinator of the development of the kernel tree for the 2.6 version in the OSDL open source laboratory; Ian Murdock, CEO of Progeny and one of the founders of Debian GNU/Linux project, one of three the most popular open source distributive; Asa Dotzler, one of the main developer of Mozilla Firefox and the community coordinator for the Mozilla Foundation; Zeev Suraski, one of the developers of the most popular programming languages such as - PHP 3.0, PHP 4.0 PHP 5.0 on basis of Zend Engine Zend Engine II, also the author of books about the programming methods in PHP; Robin Miller, one of the founders of modern interactive journalism and the editor-in-chief of OSTG, the basis of Open Source movement - are among them.
  4. Simple open source forum engine
    Neat Forum is a simple but attractive message board application. It does not require users to be authenticated. It supports multiple forums, anonymous emailing and full administrative functions. Neat Forum solutuion contains Web project, Domain Logic project, Unit Tests project. Front-end is ASP.NET application, with Domain library in the middle, and MS SQL 2000 Database at the back end.

  5. Vanilla 1.0: Next-gen open source forum
    Vanilla advertises itself as "an open-source, standards compliant, multi-lingual, fully extensible discussion forum for the web," and on Saturday it saw its 1.0 release. Vanilla will run on any web server equipped with PHP 4.1+ and MySQL 3.23+ and its Ajaxy bits work equally well in any major browser. 
  6. Open Source: Open for Business
    "Open source is a movement that is technical, political and sociological," says the report, the most recent in a series of annual Leading Edge Forum publications that detail technology with the potential to disrupt the business world. Open source software such as the Linux operating system places the scarce resource of software in everybody's hands. The open, collaborative approach levels the playing field, enabling anyone to contribute and defying the big hand of the corporation. Open source software allows companies to bootstrap a new product based upon existing open source code; extend an existing product, particularly one that was not originally open source; and use communities to create commercial products.
  7. OpenSG
    OpenSG is a portable scenegraph system to create realtime graphics programs, e.g. for virtual reality applications. It is developed following Open Source (LGPL) principles and can be used freely. It runs on IRIX, Windows and Linux and is based on OpenGL. Read the motivation to get an overview of the special features of the system and why we decided to start a new initiative. OpenSG is not supposed to be a complete VR system. It is the rendering basis on top of which VR systems can be built. Rendering is a rather well defined task, which we can understand and judge based on our experience in the field. VR systems, on the other hand, have not evolved far enough to converge on a widely accepted approach to solve their problems. The development of OpenSG is supported by the members of the OpenSG Forum and by the OpenSG PLUS project, which is funded by the German Ministry for Education and Research (BMBF).
  8. GroupServer
    The new technology behind our Issues Forums combines e-mail list and web forum technology using GroupServer. It effectively brings e-mail and web participants together in one virtual space. GroupServer is best social software platform we've seen to date for online communities that average citizens actually use. We are working to encourage a creation of a large GroupServer developer community. This will help ensure that enhancements for one group benefit all users - including E-Democracy.Org and any UK Local Authority using the tool. Members of the UK free and open source software community have discovered and joined the project to help test the software.



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