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Open Source Groupware Software written in Java

Open Source Home
  • coefficient - Coefficient is a scalable open source project based collaboration platform that can run in J2EE and web application containers. It currently provides basic collaboration tools as hot deployable modules. It also provides a workflow engine to help guide projects through their development cycle.
  • Data Share - DataShare is network application for clients that wish to share data using a central server-> DataShare. DataShare is written in Java, and allows clients to share data (send and receive) without having to know anything about the other clients. It is envisioned that DataShare will be used in collaborative type environments. A client called Rendezvous is already written and available to use DataShare. Rendezvous allows multiple users to simultaneously collaborate using chat, paint, desktop sharing, and audio-video conferencing.
    Rendezvous and DataShare were created as components of the KnowledgeKinetics™ (K2) tool suite, and were subsequently moved into the open source world (they are both still used and maintained by the KnowledgeKinetics™ team).
  • ivata groupware - ivata groupware is a free Groupware/Exchange/Intranet system. It comes with a web-based front-end, and you can use ivata groupware to:

    find contacts in team and private address books
    post articles & notes
    comment on articles
    receive notifications via mail
    plan meetings and other events in the calendar
    access email via the web
  • JETeam: Enterprise Teamwork - JETeam is a J2EE application that aims to help members of a team working together by offering enterprise services (follow ups of tasks by managers or developers, notification when the status of the project change and so on) and is 100% pure java.

    This project has been started with the idea that in order to improve the quality of project developments, all members (manager, coach, developers...) working on one (or more) project(s) need to have a single point of communication.

    With this we mean that JETeam groups into one application the following services (not a full description):

    keeping up to date with the current status of each project.
    creation of tasks that are assigned to developers.
    attaching a note to any task when, for instance, a problem will delay its completion.
    receiving notifications when the projects status has been udpated.
    keeping a knowledge base of all solutions/problems encountered during the project development.
    and lots more...

  • Lucane Groupware - Free Collaborative Platform - Lucane is a free groupware platform written in Java, designed with extensibility in mind.
    Some applications are bundled with the platform :

    A peer to peer quick message service
    Client/Server and peer to peer file sharing
    A multi-user chat
    Forum & Forum administration
    IMAP mail client based on JMail
    Personal notes
    Todo List
    AudioConf using jspeex

  • Open-Xchange - The OPEN-XCHANGE Collaboration and Integration Server Environment allows you to store appointments, contacts, tasks, mails, bookmarks, documents, and many more elements and share them with other users. This environment can be accessed via any modern web browser and multiple fat clients like KDE Kontact, Apples iCAL, Konqueror, Mozilla Calendar, any many more, based on open standards and interfaces.
    If you download OXlook, then OPEN-XCHANGE can also be accessed via MS Outlook and Palm devices. Browse the Wiki and the download section for further information.

    Every 3rd party product can access this application over many different interfaces such as WebDAV (XML), LDAP, iCal, and HTTP/S. This makes the OPEN-XCHANGE application a powerful product which can be used in many of different business and private areas successfully delivering access to e-mail and distributed groupware functions.
Check More Open Source Software at Open Source Home
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