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Open Source Connection pools written in Java

Open Source Home
  • C3P0 - c3p0 is an easy-to-use library for augmenting traditional (DriverManager-based) JDBC drivers with JNDI-bindable DataSources, including DataSources that implement Connection and Statement Pooling, as described by the jdbc3 spec and jdbc2 std extension.

    Development Status: 4 - Beta

    Intended Audience: Developers

    License: GNU Library or Lesser General Public License (LGPL)

    Programming Language: Java

    Topic: Database

    Translations: English

  • Db Connection Broker - DbConnectionBroker is a pure Java package for handling multiple concurrent database connections. DbConnectionBroker creates a broker with a very simple interface for handing out and returning database connections from a configurable pool of connections. The Broker creates a dynamic pool of connections and manages them for you with a background housekeeping thread.
    The Connection Broker completely avoids the overhead required in establishing a new database connection (typically around 1 to 2 seconds) by reusing a collection of pre-established connections. This profoundly improves the performance for database-intensive applications where HTML pages/forms are either stored directly in a database or created on-the-fly from data or procedures stored in a database.

  • DBPool - A Java-based database connection pooling utility, which supports time-based expiry and statement caching, connection validation, and easy configuration using a pool manager. Also included is a generic object pool which can be extended to create your own pools of custom types
  • DDConnectionBroker - DDConnectionBroker is a simple, light database connection-pooling tool for Java developers.

    When the DDConnectionBroker is first constructed, minConnections will be established in the connection pool.

  • Jakarta DBCP - The commons-dbcp package relies on code in the commons-pool package to provide the underlying object pool mechanisms that it utilizes.

    Applications can use the commons-dbcp component directly or through the existing interface of their container / supporting framework. For example the Tomcat servlet container presents a DBCP DataSource as a JNDI Datasource. James (Java Apache Mail Enterprise Server) has integrated DBCP into the Avalon framework.

  • Proxool - Proxool is a Java connection pool.

    Transparency: Transparently adds connection pooling to your existing JDBC driver.

    Open Source: Our licence allows you flexibility to use it in both commerical and other open source products.

    Standards: Complies with the J2SE API, giving you the confidence to develop to standards.

    Control: You can monitor the performance of your database connections and listen to connection events

    Ease of use: It is easy to configure using the JDBC API, XML, or Java property files - you decide.

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hi there,i want to know the code of c3p0.how to set up in a project.i don't have any knowledge regarding c3p0.please anyone has any thing to share then let me knw.thanks

Posted by deepak on Tuesday, 02.24.09 @ 02:35am | #85156

I want to know how to connect to a mailbox/outlook mailbox using java code..
Please help me as soon as possible.

Posted by Sundar on Wednesday, 09.24.08 @ 18:56pm | #80670

Open Core is a middleware abstraction layer allowing subsystems and applications to seamlessly run directly on top of Java Virtual Machine or inside of various J2EE application servers. Open Core provides :a meta connectio pool" when single API and single set of configuration settings allows you to use following connection pools: Commons-DBCP, C3P0, Proxool, XAPool and J2EE datasources. You can decide in runtime or in configuration file which pool to use and how to congigure it and Open Core takes care of the details.

Posted by OpenSubsystems on Tuesday, 03.6.07 @ 05:24am | #10780

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