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Understanding Various MySQL Executable Files


This lesson you learn  how to the execute mysql file. MySQL  Provide the  executable file and uses the MySQL Client  interactive file by  this command "shell> mysql db_name ". It is possible put the SQL statement in file and tell the mysql from input read this file . So the create  text file " text_file" . MySQL use the this command for file execute. It is use this command in MySql execute file this type :-

shell> mysql db_name < text_file

MySQL is a simple SQL shell.  This SQL shell supported the interactive and non- interactive  used. MySQL  when use the interactive quarry then result represent in an ASCII table format. And if you are used the non-interactive quarry then result display the tab-separated format .    

In this command if you use the first line statement db_name then it is  very important to specify for database name on the command line. 

shell> mysql < text_file 

There are already running mysql then you can execute the SQL Script using the source or \ command :

mysql> source file_name
mysql> \. file_name

If you want to your script display the progress information to the user then you can insert the this command.

SELECT '<info_to_display>' AS ' ';

MySQL Executable file:
The MySQL file in this directory is name Apache and execute the file it is operating system X will run during the startup process. This file first thing is that both file and the directory  named Apache. MySQL has execute the file same name as the subdirectory and it is executable in the root level of subdirectory .When are MySQL use the apache HTTP server then display the Massage on the apache Web server.


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