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Producing and Checking Fedora Core 6 CDs.


In this section you will learn how to check Fedora Core 6 software in burnt CDs. You will also learn the process of  burning CDs from Windows explorer and from command prompt both..     

Burning Fedora Core 6 CDs

Burning software transfers that ISO file onto the blank CD. we used Nero express 6 software for burning CDs. Here we are mentioning the criteria of burning CDs from Nero burning ROM 5 and Nero express 6 software. 

Using Nero Burning ROM 5
Start the program
Open the "File" menu
Select "Burn Image"
Choose the first Fedora Core ISO file and burn it.
Repeat the above steps for each of the other ISO files.

Using Nero Express 6
Start the program
Select "Disc Image or Saved Project"
An Open dialog appears. Select the first Fedora Core ISO file. Click Open.
The next screen allows you to select Writing Speed. You should set this to 4x for DVD, or 16x for CD, for best performance.
Click Next to Burn.
Repeat the steps above for the other ISO files.

Testing Your Discs

For precaution and  testing purpose,  burn only disc 1 and run it onto your system . If  it is running successfully then perform the following process before burning the others:
Reboot the computer with disc 1 in the CD drive. The boot menu for the Fedora Core installer appears.
Press Enter.
To check the working performance of the CDs, follow the directions on-screen until you are asked. Conduct the check against the first disc. If the check succeeds, your disc is correct. Remove the Fedora Core installation disc and restart the system so that the computer boots into Windows.
Burn the other three ISO images. After burning the other discs, you can repeat the media check to test them all.


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