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The Ultima Linux 8 has been released

The Ultima Linux 8 is the latest and greatest version yet, packing in everything you could possibly need - be it a home desktop or an industrial-strength server.

The Ultima Linux 8 has been released

The Ultima Linux 8 is the latest and greatest version yet, packing in everything you could possibly need - be it a home desktop or an industrial-strength server. It packs in over 350 unique packages, including the famous KDE desktop, Enlightenment window manager, Firefox and Thunderbird, Open Office.org, The GIMP, and all your other favorite programs - all in a convenient two-disc set.

Ultima Linux 8, our tenth release since November 2004, is the latest and greatest yet, featuring the latest versions of all your favorite apps and an eye-catching new desktop right out of the box.

To download The Ultima Linux with the deferent type.

NOTE: The above download links require BitTorrent. You will also need a broadband Internet connection and a CD burner. If you aren't sure, we recommend just ordering a CD ? besides, it saves you the trouble of downloading and burning the discs yourself :-)

 About the Ultima Linux's history.

The idea of creating another Linux distribution was not new to Ultima, but the process was, and for the very first version, 0.1, it showed. The installation was a mess, and there was no easy way to custom install the system. For the whole time it existed only around three installations were ever done, and all were on his own machines; he had tried and tried, but couldn't find a way of distributing it to the masses.

A few months later, he decided to try hacking the system again. This time he managed to tweak Slackware's installation program to fit his needs, and made things considerably easier to set up. He also discovered mininova while searching for a BitTorrent tracker he could host it on (since he figured it would be the fastest and easiest way to distribute a large ISO image) and with it an easy way to promote his work. Ultima Linux as we know it had been born.

Some feature of The Ultima Linux.

Your choice of kernels:
  • High-performance, bleeding-edge, or
  • Time-tested and stable 2.4.32, good for server systems
(Soon to be) award-winning desktop:
  • The latest cutting-edge X.org windowing system
  • Your choice of desktops:
    • Enlightenment (DR16), the hard-core graphics-intensive window manager
    • Fluxbox, the fast and lightweight minimalist window manager
    • Web browsers galore:
      • Mozilla Firefox, the award-winning program from the Mozilla Foundation
        • Includes Flash and Java plug-ins
      • Complete office collection:
        • OpenOffice.org 2.0.1, the complete office suite alternative
        • AbiWord, a lightweight but powerful word processor
        • KOffice, the official KDE office suite

Why is Ultima better?

  • More secure by design ? one administrator to rule them all, one guy to mind them...
  • The only Linux hackers are the good kind; no one can get in unless you let them
  • No rebooting to install software!
  • No rebooting to fix a crash (there aren't any)!
  • Not just an operating system ? Web browsers, e-mail clients, office suites, development tools, and server systems all included on a single CD
  • Comes with just about everything you'll ever need from a computer
  • Runs on anything from a 486 with 8MB RAM to the latest high-end five-thousand-dollar gaming system
  • And it runs fast, too!
  • Install as much or as little as you want
  • Flexible system can do whatever you need it to
  • Nothing's forced on you ? if you don't want it, just take it off!
    • Any Web browser you'd like, or none at all ? up to you
And don't forget the eye candy:
  • Your choice of Enlightenment, Fluxbox, Window Maker, XFce, or KDE
  • Thousands of beautiful themes available at the click of a mouse
Most importantly, credibility:
  • Based on Slackware, the most stable and reliable system created
  • The developers themselves use Ultima Linux every day
  • And if you need any more proof, see for yourself!

There is so many option to prove that the Ultima is better.


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Posted on: February 5, 2008

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