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Linux Distribution: Absolute
Url: http://www.pcbypaul.com/absolute/
Absolute Linux is a light-weight modification of Slackware Linux. It includes several utilities that make configuration and maintenance easier and it has many common desktop and Internet applications installed and configured with tight integration of menu
Linux Release Details:
Absolute Linux 12.0.4 has been released
Pardon the rapid-fire release, but the kernel source was misconfigured and the kernel size was too large for older PCs. Also, the source code for ROX was altered for nice interface additions, NTFS read-write was implemented, and K3b now works for user accounts without any extra configuration." Some other interesting items from the changelog: "Updated IceWM, added background color change menu item to 'Settings'; added mime-type to ROX to handle .mp4 audio files (m4a and friends) with Audacious, if not encrypted they will play; updated AbScreen; added nvidia-settings to main menu.

1. k3b FIX - was not working as non-root, and k3b setup, with all its dependencies, was not an option. So cdrdao, readcd and cdrecord are now all:

root:cdrom 4710

tested and works. Nothing to set up.

2. Kernel, modules and source packages again updated compiled for smaller kernel as some folks had memory limitations generic smp kernel with (not modules) of:

ext3 and reiserfs filesystems

iso9660, UDF, DOS, vfat, NTFS, NFS and Windows Logical Disc manager

EHCI USB (2.0), USB Mass Storage, USB HID and MMC (SD) cards

Kernel bzImage is now lowly 2542k eliminated xfs, as it alone added 254k to the kernel.

kernel source properly "prepped" and used in place of original Slackware version.

Running "make prepare" on kernel source, also jibes with nvidia documentation.

3. Edited ROX-Filer source code and recompiled 2.6.1 added all screen-related utilities to panel right-click menu (diffs to all source files are included in /usr/doc/rox)

4. Added fuse and ntfs-3g for mounting NTFS partitions read/write

5. Rebuilt xorg xinit to make single .Xauthority file in ~/, instead of leaving ultiple serverauth.xxxx files lying around (source difference included)

6. Updated icewm added background color change menu item to "Settings"

7. Pulled all gtk-docs from all packages that had them

they will appear on CD2, extended documentation under GTK_Docs package and if installed, show up under /usr/doc/gtk/gtk_doc_other

8. Began including the TENTATIVE doc project which for now appear under "How We Do It" in the documentation menu

9. Removed gimp_extra_bypaul and put on CD2 list. Many folks won't need it, clears 10MB of space, and will allow GIMP to start faster for basic users. Response to request to keep iso of Absolute below 690 MB.

10.Added icewm menu items for apps on CD2 (they only show up when installed)

11.Added mime-type to ROX to handle .mp4 audio files (m4a and friends) with audacious. If not encrypted they will play.

12.Updated abscreen

13.Added nvidia-settings to main menu (will show up if you have a relatively recent nvidia proprietary driver build)

For Download

Click here to download: http://www.pcbypaul.com/absolute/packages/
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