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Linux Distribution: Zenwalk
Url: http://www.zenwalk.org/
Zenwalk core 2.1 It has many option that has been created with alertness,which is based on the Linux kernel version.
Linux Release Details:
Zenwalk Live 4.4.1 has been released
We are pleased to announce the release of Zenwalk Live 4.4.1. As you have grown to expect, Zenwalk Live replicates a Zenwalk Standard installation while at the same time adds many features. Also included are the GParted graphical hard disk partitioning software as well as a new utility in ZenPanel (Zenwalk's System Administration Control Panel) enabling a recovery of the LILO boatloader setup on your PC. Zenwalk Live continues to provide a complete development suite for all of you coders and software developers. For you video gaming fans, you'll be pleased to know that Zenwalk Live 4.4.1 includes Mega Mario, Ceferino Hazaña, Frozen Bubble, LBreakout and Wormux.
About Zenwalk Live 4.4.1

It's localization has been expanded even more than in the past. Firefox & Thunderbird international support is now available by default and is activated automatically when you select your choice of locale during the startup of the LiveCD environment.

More news

And if all of the cheatcodes we offered weren't enough, we've added even more! Some new cheatcodes that allow to create a localized version of Zenwalk Live that boots directly into the desktop with the user's language and keyboard layout. One such new cheatcode, autologin, will bypass GDM login windows. For example, if you wish to startup automatically in a Spanish environment, just press Tab when ZenLive booting menu first appear & add the following after the boot prompt: autologin keyb=es lang=es_ES

While we are releasing this new ISO we are also retiring the previous name - "ZenLive", of this project . We feel that the name "Zenwalk Live" more accurately describes the project and pays tribute to it's parent project Zenwalk GNU/Linux. ZenLive was a great project with great goals, terrific software and amazing people behind it. We are happy to announce that this tradition will continue and will expand to new horizons. The same talented individuals and more are rapidly transforming the face and pushing the limits of Linux LiveCDs. There are many new ideas shaping and new tools being developed at this point in time. Think of the transition from ZenLive to Zenwalk Live not as the end of a great project, but a rebirth and a shift deeper into the PC user's needs and new capabilities to customize the Zenwalk media into something practical, personal and exciting.

Click here to download: http://www.zenwalk.org/modules/tinycontent/index.php?id=1
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