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Linux Distribution: Fedora
Url: http://fedora.redhat.com/
Red Hat Linux now has two descendents, Red Hat Enterprise Linux and The Fedora Project.
Linux Release Details:
Fedora 11 Alpha has been released
The Fedora project is proud to present the availability of Fedora 11 (Leonidas) Alpha. The Alpha release provides the first opportunity for the wider community to become involved with testing Fedora 11 by way of Rawhide.
Some of the more interesting features of this release include:

  • Windows Cross Compiler (mingw32-*);

  • ext4 and Btrfs file systems,

  • mew volume control;

  • PackageKit firmware support;

  • GNOME 2.26 development snapshot,

  • KDE 4.2 RC 2 and Xfce 4.6 Beta;

  • NetBeans 6.5,

  • Python 2.6,

  • Git

For Download

Click here to download: http://fedoraproject.org/get-fedora.html
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