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Linux Distribution: FreeNAS
Url: http://www.freenas.org/
Upgraded to FreeBSD 6.1 RC #12; added Broadcom NetXtreme II PCI/PCIe Gigabit Ethernet adapter driver; added FreeBSD version on the main page; added iSCSI diagnostic page (usefull for display the list of target name); permit to mount more than 1 partition
Linux Release Details:
FreeNAS 0.69 has been released
Majors changes:
  • Add TFTP service. It is accessible via 'Services|TFTP' in the WebGUI.
  • Add Samba patch CVE-2008-4314.
  • Upgrade nano to 2.0.9.
  • Upgrade PHP to 5.2.8.
  • Add WOL support for misc NIC's. Thanks to Tobias Reber for porting WOL patch to FreeBSD 6.4.
  • Upgrade nfe driver. Thanks to Tobias Reber for backporting FreeBSD 7.0 driver and adding WOL support.
  • Finally fixed Samba lock file problem (they are located in /var/db/samba now).You can increase the memory filesystem size for /var for LiveCD and 'embedded' installations by modifying the rc.conf variable named 'varsize'. This isnecessary if you are running out of file space for *.tdb files (this normallyhappens on heavy Samba share usage with many users). The default size is 32MB.
  • Replace FTP server pure-ftpd 1.0.21 with proftpd 1.3.2rc3. Please note thatthere can be set additional options via rc.conf variables which are notdisplayed in the service WebGUI. Please have a look into /etc/rc.d/proftpdscript for a detailed list of options.
  • Add TCP Wrappers. All applications linked against libwrap support thisfeature, for example services like FTP, TFTP, SSH, NFS... The rules can beconfigured via WebGUI 'Network|Hosts'.
  • Upgrade ATAidle to 2.4.
  • Upgrade transmission to 1.42.
  • Upgrade rsync to 3.0.5.
  • Upgrade cdialog to 1.1.20080316.
  • Upgrade msmtp to 1.4.17.
  • Add ability to create a SWAP partition during installation.
  • Enhance the 'System|Advanced|Swap' page to select a file or disk device asswap space.
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