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Linux Distribution: Absolute
Url: http://www.pcbypaul.com/absolute/
Absolute Linux is a light-weight modification of Slackware Linux. It includes several utilities that make configuration and maintenance easier and it has many common desktop and Internet applications installed and configured with tight integration of menu
Linux Release Details:
Absolute Linux 12.1.08 has been released
OpenOffice upgraded to version 3.0.0 on CD2. Supports latest MS Office docx format. Rebuilt AbiWord-2.6.4, against updated enchant and libgnomeprint/libgnomecups. Also includes support via new plugins for MS Word and OpenOffice docs. Added libs for these accordingly.
HTMLpage, the Firefox "View Source" vieweer and editor that Absolute uses, has been updated to v2.0. Now uses Python's urllib to grab online pages and does a vastly superior job over previous versions, of accommodating different encoding types. Credit the many hours hammering away with UTF-8 settings for learning and fixing this issue...

Removed (commented out) loading of LP module (for parallel port printers) from /etc/rc.d/rc.modules-xxx

Finished testing with updated UTF-8 setttings. Earlier in update process I made additional changes to /etc/profile.d/lang.sh and /etc/profile.d/libglib2.sh.

I ran through current applications without recieving any further errors. I think all major problems are gone for good. HOWEVER -- gpm (pasting in cli) as well as some application issues has forced my hand to remain with the older Slackware standard.

But when the time comes lang.sh is set up to simply make one change to get the switch to UTF-8 complete, and should make the transition those who want to switch now fairly painless.

Fixed firefox .desktop file in line with updated firefox.sh script, corrected a permissions problem with /usr/share/applications directory. tweaked firefox settings and rebuilt epdfview against newer poppler.

Updated xulrunner-, recompiled Firefox-3.0.3, compiled Thunderbird, which NOW REPLACES Sylpheed as the default mail program.

Updated to Slack-current with latest Hal/dbus/udev, glibc, etc.

This was the largest pain...Recompiled dbus and dbus toolkit bindings, udev and hal. Minimized Absolute customizations as much as possible while keeping current functionality. Newer Hal is supposed to asynchronously check removable storage, as oppposed to constant polling -- which seems to be working; htop still shows polling on CDROMs, but is "listening" for events otherwise.

Updated GIMP-2.6.0
Also include new support libs GEGL, babl, openexr, libopenraw, ilmbase and gvfs (although gvfs, used by GIMP help browser, is not used, as web browser is default) Updated Nedit (still version 5.5) recompiled against stock lesstif, eliminates segfault when saving new file.

Updated Firefox to 3.0.3, also re-compiled xulrunnrer... but only because configure parameters had not been previously documented.

updated expect-5.43.0-i486-5AL had not been compiled against newer tk.tcl... oversight due to earlier version bump because of documentation addition. Expect is Slack compile -- only docs are different.

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