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Linux Distribution: Elive
Url: http://www.elivecd.org/
A new pre-release build of the Elive live CD 0.4 is out. Designed for fans of the Enlightenment window manager, the new version includes the latest development code of both E16, the current stable release, and E17, the new major update of the beautiful de
Linux Release Details:
Elive 1.8.8 (Unstable) is available
This version of Elive solves 2 important problems found in the last versions: e17 has fixed a very annoying mouse bug (more exactly with the focus) and it is now possible to configure the network again (for now, we use network-manager instead of exalt, but only use dhcp and not static mode).

  • Boot options: Feature added: changedevice: it allow you to change the device in the boot process. Imagine that you want to boot from an USB stick but your computer doesn't boot from USB sticks, or you have problem in the middle of the boot of Elive using CD's, with this feature you can boot from the CD and before the init process starts, you can eject the CD and insert a USB containing Elive to continue the boot process.

  • Hotkeys: Mute key working now

  • E17: Updated to the last version of the SVN, now some modules like battery, temperature, cpufrequency.. are enabled only if your hardware supports it, if not, they don't appear on your desktop.

  • File Manager Previews: Now Thunar can preview XCF (gimp native format) images, and Nintendo-DS roms

  • Automounters: This is a very requested-to-fix feature, you can now umount and mount devices without problems from thunar while the autolaunchers system of Elive is still working. If you have any problem with them now, like no-permissions, you should report the bug immediately.

  • Kernel / Drivers:

    • Kernel: Updated to version

    • Machines: Special suppport for MSI WIND laptops

    • Misc Hardware: Improved support during boot process to detect special hardware/machines, if you couldn't boot Elive in one of your machines, you should try this version.

For Download

Click here to download: http://www.elivecd.org/gb/Download/Stable/
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