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Linux Distribution: Ark Linux
Url: http://www.arklinux.org
Ark Linux is a GNU/Linux distribution designed especially for desktop use, primarily for people without prior Linux experience.
Linux Release Details:
Ark Linux 2005.2-rc3 has been released

On popular request, we've upgraded to a KDE 3.5 prerelease, and will release 2005.2 final with KDE 3.5 final as soon as the new KDE is released.

An extra highlight for developers is the addition of a compiler for the D programming language.

Other notable news include:
  • Installation will no longer cause "Out of sync" errors on LCD displays attached to SiS graphics chips
  • Some not very commonly used kernel modules have been split into separate packages, causing the base install to use far less diskspace without losing functionality.
  • A longstanding bug causing the spellcheckers not to work has been fixed

Download Arklinux

The Following Downloads are Available (2005.2 rc3 is the recommended version):

You can also download Ark Linux using the BitTorrent filesharing system:

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