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Linux Distribution: Elive
Url: http://www.elivecd.org/
A new pre-release build of the Elive live CD 0.4 is out. Designed for fans of the Enlightenment window manager, the new version includes the latest development code of both E16, the current stable release, and E17, the new major update of the beautiful de
Linux Release Details:
Elive 1.6 has been released
The Elive team is proud to announce the release of development version 1.6. New improved boot system in live mode; Icedove 2.0; much better disk and partition recognition; CDs can eject without being unmounted first; Eltrans, the new translation tool; resolution selector re-enabled temporarily; Eee PC modules for ACPI support; miscellaneous improved Windows support functions; WiFi widget called Exalt works again; special edition of Elive for MacBooks will be implemented as normal Elive, this is the first compatible ISO image; Elive now uses a new prompt (the default line that appears in the terminal) with more features. Note that this is a development version, it is not ready for installation on a production machine.
For Download

Click here to download: http://www.elivecd.org/gb/Download/Stable/
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