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Linux Distribution: Absolute
Url: http://www.pcbypaul.com/absolute/
Absolute Linux is a light-weight modification of Slackware Linux. It includes several utilities that make configuration and maintenance easier and it has many common desktop and Internet applications installed and configured with tight integration of menu
Linux Release Details:
Absolute Linux 12.1 Beta 2 is available
Change log Based Upon Slackware Current Too many individual packages to list -- this is another new kernel ( which I compiled with tickless (for laptop lower-power, for battery life extension) Also switched preemption model to low-latency desktop (from more server-centric setting -- should have done that a while ago...) plus the usual extra includes instead of modules for user-needed stuff like MMC (SD) cards, USB MASS STORAGE, NTFS, etc.
Other major change is for wirteless -- switched to WICD. Be sure to enable WICD daemon when installing if you want to use wireless (of course, you can always later enable it on startup via the SERVICES menu.) When you do this you will see the WICD tray icon next to the clock when using ICEWM (the default window manager.) You can configure WICD from there. (Supposed to be easy, but I do not have wireless to test with -- get back to me on this, somebody!)

As I said, too many individual packages to list -- but what folows are a few highlights:


Bug fixes to the 2.4 series -- and I included all the SCRIPT-FU updates I worked on on gimphelp.org.


Plus newer adobe flash plugin as well as recompiled mplayerplug-in, putting plugins into /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins instead of versioned Firefox library directory.


Alond with updates to the chain folowing this -- cairo, pycairo, pango, etc. Nicer icons, anyway...


Security fix

... and about 100 other packages.

For Download

Click here to download: http://www.pcbypaul.com/absolute/packages/
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