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Linux Distribution: Shift Linux
Url: http://shiftlinux.net/
Shift Linux GNOME 0.3.1 ready for testing. We are very interested in the following aspects as you test it: detection of your computer hardware; graphics bugs; the right resolution (especially on wide screens). We do not need to know about branding issues
Linux Release Details:
Shift Linux 0.6.2 is available
Shift Linux 0.6 released today. There are three editions released at this time: Shift Linux 0.6 GNOME, Shift Linux 0.6 KDE4, and Shift Linux 0.6 Lite (for older computers). Shift Linux Lite contains two less resource hogging window managers (Xfce and Fluxbox), but will have a full compliment of packages and utilities. All three versions of Shift Linux 0.6 are fully installable (tested and verified). Shift Linux has moved away from its Morphix base and is now based on Ubuntu. This version incorporates Firefox 3 (GranParadiso), OpenOffice.org, new themes, and a tested installer. We've also updated to KDE4. This is a transition version as we move away from Morphix and port over our previous versions to Ubuntu.
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Click here to download: http://shiftlinux.net/download/
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