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Linux Distribution: YES Linux
Url: http://www.youresale.com/

YES Linux an internet business automation/turnkey solution that provides a business in a box.

About YES Linux
YES is new and exciting software specifically designed to make your everyday computer needs easy. It doesn t matter if you are a point and click user all the way to an advanced user. YES will make your computer needs easier. YES is a Business in a Box. Have you wanted to create your own website, have several E-Mail addresses? Have you wanted to have an Internet Presence, which you control and is cost effective? If the answer is yes then YES is for you. YES was specifically designed for the small businesses and non-profits to be able to compete with the larger businesses. Plus, YES allows home users the ability to have a safe and secure way to give their families Internet Access. YES is very affordable. Think of YES as Windows XP or MAC OSX. YES contains a complete operating system. YES is easy to install and is compatible with many 3rd party products.

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