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Linux Distribution: TrueBSD
Url: http://www.truebsd.org/

<b>Intoduction About TrueBSD</b> TrueBSD is a LiveCD operation system based on FreeBSD with many useful applications. All open programs will keep working even when you eject LiveCD (using command cdcontrol eject) in order to get some data from your own

About TrueBSD
Some Changelogs

New: support of english, belorussian languages for all utilities from /sysutils/;
Updated: all utilities in /sysutils/ with localisation support;
New: algoritm for searching and loading language localisation depend on user settings (see file: /truebsd/etc/ru.truebsd);
New: script for changing system language (/sysutils/truelang);
New: script for changing font size in XTerm (/sysutils/termlang);
Updated: image file "truebsdroot.uzip" renamed in "tbsdcompress.uzip";
New: saving profile to any available device (early only to floppy disc);
New: all utilities in /sysutils/ are logging errors to /var/log/sysutils/;
New: script for installing TrueBSD on HDD (/sysutils/trueinstall);
New: script for network configuration (/sysutils/netconf);

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