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Linux Distribution: Rubyx
Url: http://www.rubyx.org/

Rubyx is a collection of software packages created and maintained by thousands of clever people around the world which collectively form an operating system.

About Rubyx
Major components include the Linux kernel, Gnu compiler collection and C library, Xfree86, Kde, Gnome, Apache, Samba, Qmail
Rubyx is a Unix-like operating system which is created from scratch using a simple script written in the ruby language. Ruby...Unix...Rubyx!

What does rubyx want to be?
Simple. Life is complicated enough
Accessible. I want users to understand rubyx. No black boxes
Secure. If it's simple and accessible, it will be easy to secure
A repository for package building knowledge
Easy to contribute to. Add your favourite package to rubyx
Stable, but customisable
Incrementally upgradable
Pragmatic. I have no problem using closed or binary drivers and commercial software
On your remote, rack-mounted servers
On your desktop

Download, install and manage Rubyx with one simple script
Parallel builds - build several packages at once
Parallel make - multiple make threads per package
Distcc support if you have multiple machines
Secure user-mode build and install of packages
Simple, reliable package management system
All new ruby based init system
Simple, reliable service management
Latest versions of software packages
Supports linux 2.4 and 2.6 kernels
Per package custom build options
New packages can be supported in minutes
Choose known good or custom compiler opts for any package
Accessible to even amateur users
Supports latest Kde and Gnome desktop environments
Create your own custom boot cd
64bit Amd64 support coming soon

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