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Linux Distribution: Progeny
Url: http://platform.progeny.com/componentized-linux/

Progeny Debian 3.0 is the continuation of the popular commercial product published by Progeny in 2001 and is based on Progeny Componentized Linux.

About Progeny
Progeny Debian 3.0 Developer Edition is an example distribution based on Componentized Linux. It is essentially a snapshot of Debian sarge as of April 2005 that includes an easy-to-use, graphical installer and a fully integrated GNOME desktop environment. It is an ideal distribution for anyone seeking a more or less standard Debian environment that is easy to install and fully configured out of the box and ready to use.
Progeny Debian 3.0 Developer Edition includes all Componentized Linux technologies. As such, it is also an excellent development platform for builders of Componentized Linux-based custom distributions.
Componentized Linux is a new way of constructing Linux distributions, built bottom-up as a set of interchangeable parts that closely track their counterpart "upstream" open-source projects, rather than top-down as a monolithic, difficult-to-change whole. The result is a platform for building specialized Linux distributions that provides developers with a set of reusable building blocks, called components, that can be easily assembled into a wide variety of configurations and customized as necessary.

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