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Linux Distribution: Pioneer Linux
Url: http://www.tapioneer.com/

Technalign, Inc. has announced it has released its new Pioneer Linux operating system to the community. The first release is the 32-bit version to be followed immediately by the 64-Bit Version. The community edition includes many features found previously

About Pioneer Linux
The premise of Pioneer Basic is to give you a solid desktop that you customize to your liking. Frontier contained many applications that many users didn't use or want making it confusing to them, especially in business environments. Pioneer Basic includes only what is needed to get started and learn your new operating system. Many partners preconfigure your Pioneer to what you want also for a small fee.

All Pioneer products come in two flavors - Free for download and also with full support. Both versions are live CDs and allow you to learn and play before you install. The difference between the two products is free does not come with support and is only supported by the community via the forums and knowledge base. The paid version comes with 3 years of upgrade protection as well as installation assistance and basic support services via a Technalign support representative. The free version is licensed under the GPL, and Technalign hopes one day to become become the Pioneers of Free and Open Source software. The free versions are NOT to be sold for profit and only to be given away.


Pioneer Basic products come in different flavors. Each one fits the requirements of each individual. The Pioneer Basic product is based on the premise that each of you want to customize your own desktop to how you want it to work and look. It's a bit different than many distributions cramming many different applications on you and then having to remove applications you don't want. How many of us use two different mail clients or upwards of 3 or 4 editors?

Pioneer Basic lets you do what you want with your desktop. It's that simple, you only need to install what you want. Don't know how? Well the commercial versions come with support and you'll get help as well as a manual to explain how it's done. Use the Forums and Knowledge Base resources also.

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