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Linux Distribution: Pilot
Url: http://www.pilotlinux.nl/

PilotLinux is a open-source/free project of Licron.

About Pilot

The idea behind PilotLinux is to provide a simple to use system to transform a standard pc into a fully functional Thin Client without altering anything on the PC (no data will be writen to the harddrive). PilotLinux also forms the basis of the licron product line. Its fully functional and free to use. It also integrates well into the Licron Server sollution or can be used as a client for LTSP. It is not as advanced as the Licronclient and cannot be configured using the licronbox.
Licron can provide you with support for Pilotlinux. Common support issues for Pilotlinux:
Placement of company logo during boot and detection fase
Building of a specific settings file
Removal of the bootprompt
These common adaptions can be ordered from licron by using their pilot-package form
Ofcourse further adaption of Pilotlinux can also be done. Most of the time it's more convinient to switch to the Licronclient and the Licron product base

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