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Linux Distribution: Oracle
Url: http://www.oracle.com/technologies/linux/

Oracle starts with Red Hat Linux, removes Red Hat trademarks, and then adds Linux bug fixes.

About Oracle
Oracle Unbreakable Linux R4-U4

Oracle Unbreakable Linux is an enterprise-class Linux distribution supported by Oracle. According to the project's web site, "Oracle starts with Red Hat Linux, removes Red Hat trademarks, and then adds Linux bug fixes." Although Oracle Unbreakable Linux is touted as a "support programme", rather than a distribution, it is also provided in the form of freely downloadable CD images. Oracle Unbreakable Linux is, and intends to remain, fully compatible with Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

Important News

Oracle Unbreakable Linux is a support program that provides enterprises with industry-leading global support for Linux.

Oracle's Linux commitment began in 1998 with the first commercial database on Linux. Today, Oracle Database is #1 on Linux with more than 80% market share. Many other popular Oracle products such as applications and middleware also run on Linux.

Oracle Validated Configurations provide easier, faster, and lower-cost deployment of Linux solutions in the enterprise with pre-tested, validated architectures?including software, hardware, storage, and network components?along with documented best practices.

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