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Linux Distribution: Linare
Url: http://www.linare.com/

A far-reaching step in the Desktop world: LINARE LINUX Desktop

About Linare

Linare Operating System meets entire needs and fulfills all
requirements of this era. The entire system and its applications are designed to
work well with each other and suit your individual computing style.

A complete coalition of Internet software offers you
intuitive communications capabilities. Built-in tools let you be productive
immediately. Linare provides a luscious, glossy look, across every application
and the utilities you need to control and customize your system. Best of all, it
just works.

  • Linare offers an user-friendly and gives a new look and feel.
  • Includes simple and well-structured menu.
  • Access files on local drives, CD-Rom, Floppy disk just on single click.
  • Automatic mount and unmount action allowing user to easily access CD-ROMs
    and floppies.
  • Converts .doc files to .pdf files wihtout any convertor tools.
  • Compress files with ease.
  • KDE 3.2.2,OpenOffice.org 1.1, Evolution Mail, Gaim are included.

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