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Linux Distribution: KnoppMyth
Url: http://mysettopbox.tv

The purpose of mysettopbox.tv is to provide you the end user with the knowledge needed to assemble your very own settop box using Linux.

About KnoppMyth
Utilizing open source software and off the shelf hardware you'll be able to assemble a box that has the following functions:
Image viewer

Game station
Given the open source nature of Linux and the software we'll be using, you can also add-in any other function you choose :-). If you've setup a settop box utilizing Linux and would like to contribute documentation, please drop me a line at mm4dsc at yahoo dot com.
KnoppMyth is my attempt at making the Linux and MythTV installation as trivial as possible. The current release is Release 5A15.1. For changes, take a look at the changelog. Installation instructions for the frontend(runs off of the CD! :) , auto install, auto upgrade and manual install.

KnoppMyth includes several daemon and packages that I hope you'll find usefull! I'll be adding information on enabling and configuring, as only the daemon required by MythTV are enabled by default.

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