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Linux Distribution: Kiwi Linux
Url: http://kiwilinux.org/

Kiwi is an Ubuntu derivative tailored for Romanian and Hungarian users. Kiwi is a modified Ubuntu live CD for the i386 architecture. It includes Romanian and Hungarian localization, multimedia codecs, encrypted DVD support, Flash and Java plugins for F

About Kiwi Linux
The latest release, Kiwi 8.03 is based on Ubuntu 7.10. Differences from Ubuntu include replacing Evolution with Thunderbird, Rhythmbox with Audacious and dropping Ekiga. Support for languages other than English, Romanian and Hungarian and German is not included on the CD.

Kiwi uses the same software repositories as Ubuntu with one additional source added for the handful of artwork related or slightly modified packages. Hence it is easy to switch to and from Ubuntu and all the security and bugfix updates from Ubuntu are getting into Kiwi automatically. The archive can be enabled by adding this line to your apt sources: deb http://kiwilinux.org/archive gutsy misc . For 8.03 Medibuntu repositories are enabled as well.

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