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Linux Distribution: Helix
Url: http://www.e-fense.com/helix/

Helix is a customized distribution of the Knoppix Live Linux CD. Helix is more than just a bootable live CD. You can still boot into a customized Linux environment that includes customized linux kernels, excellent hardware detection and many applications

About Helix
Helix has been modified very carefully to NOT touch the host computer in any way and it is forensically sound. Helix wil not auto mount swap space, or auto mount any attached devices. Helix also has a special Windows autorun side for Incident Response and Forensics.

Helix focuses on Incident Response & Forensics tools. It is meant to be used by individuals who have a sound understanding of Incident Response and Forensic techniques. That said Helix is used by the following organizations for Incident Response/Forensics Training:

2008-09-26 00:00:00.0 Helix 2008R1 has been released    View
Helix 2008R1 (2.0) has officially been released and is available for download. This is a major update to the bootable side of Helix, as it is based on Ubuntu rather than KNOPPIX. There are a number of other changes: Guidance Software Linen v6.11.2.2; AFFLIB 3.3.3 - open and extensible file format designed to store disk images and associated metadata; aimage 3.1.0 - advanced disk imaging tool; Autopsy 2.08 - GUI front-end to Sleuth Kit tools; Sleuth Kit 2.52 - open source digital investigation forensic tools; chkrootkit v0.47 - determine whether system is infected with a rootkit; chntpw 0.99.3 - utility to overwrite Windows SAM passwords....
2007-07-16 00:00:00.0 Helix 1.9 is available    View
Version 1.9 has been officially released. This is not a large update due to work going on for version 2.0 but many of the tools have been updated. NTFS-3g has been update to 1.710, Sleuthkit 2.09, Autopsy 2.08, Scalpel 1.60 to carve data, EnCase Linen 6.01, AFFlib 2.3.0 and libewf-20070512 for image acquisition. The Kernel was also updated to In addition several tools on the Live Windows side have been updated/added: WFT 3.01 and Nigilant32.
2006-10-07 00:00:00.0 Helix 1.8 is available now    View
Version 1.8 has been officially released. Some of the biggest changes to 1.8 were the code change to mounting journaled file systems - Helix will no longer change the journal mount count when you mount a journaled file system. You also have full write access to NTFS filesystems using ntfs-3g.
2006-03-08 00:00:00.0 Helix 1.7 (03-07-2006) has been released    View

Helix 1.7 (03-07-2006) has been released, for more information visit here.

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