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Linux Distribution: Hancom
Url: http://www.hancom.com

Hancom Linux, headquartered in Seoul, Korea, specializes in developing Linux-based applications for desktop computers and information appliances.

About Hancom
Our flagship product, Hancom Office for Linux, is a powerful office productivity suite that is compatible with Microsoft Office and is available in English, Korean, Japan, Chinese and Arab editions.
Sharp Electronics Corp. is bundling Hancom Mobile Office with its high-profile Zaurus SL-5500 Personal Mobile Tool. Hancom Linux OS is a powerful, user-friendly desktop operating system that is fine-tuned for the Korean market
Hancom Office is a powerful office productivity suite for Linux that includes word processing, spreadsheet, graphics and presentation applications. The suite can open and save Microsoft Office files, allowing you to easily exchange information with others. And Hancom Office includes an online Update Wizard that makes it easy to get the latest version of our software.

The easy and convenient user interface is similar to that of other popular office suites, allowing users to be productive faster - no special training needed.

Couple that with the best inter-application compatibility in a Linux-based office suite, and there is no better choice.

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