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Linux Distribution: Foresight Linux 0.9.4
Url: http://www.foresightlinux.com/

This release includes a number of updates: GNOME 2.14; cleaner and shinier 'Clearlooks' theme; Tango desktop icons; kernel; Avahi (aka Rendezvous, Bonjour and sometimes Zeroconf); latest DBUS and HAL; GNOME Power Manager; Banshee, F-Spot, Beagle,

About Foresight Linux 0.9.4
Foresight Linux is a Distribution which showcases some of the latest and greatest from GNOME. Some of the things that may not be mature enough for some of the other distros. Some of the more innovative things are included.Where does the name Foresight come from? Glad you asked! Many things about Foresight are innovative, not just some of the applications that are included. The biggest of which is Conary, which is a new way of looking at package management. Also, a work in progress, Oversite for web based systems management.

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