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Linux Distribution: TinyMe
Url: http://tinymelinux.com/doku.php
Hello and welcome to the TinyMe project! TinyMe is an effort to create a very small remaster of PCLinuxOS. We do this for those of you who have old computers, like to mess around with small/fast systems, or want to program for a lightweight environment.
Linux Release Details:
TinyMe 2009 Alpha 1 has been released
It's time for the first alpha of what will become TinyMe 2009 ?Acorn?. We've decided that our former naming scheme was too confusing to people and so from now the larger release will be called ?Acorn? (or a translation of that) and the smaller release will continue to be called ?Droplet?.
What's different from TinyMe 2008.0?

  • Kernel

  • LZMA compression on the LiveCD

  • LXPanel now conforms to PCLOS menu system!

  • Drives are now identified by UUID rather than /dev/XXX

  • Added Osmo, Personal Information Manager

  • Added Hv3 as an alternate browser alongside Opera

  • Removed XArchiver as PCManFM has (de)compression abilities already built in

  • Removed gFTP and GThumb

  • SLiM instead of GDM (the Numlock login bug that was in 2008.1 should be fixed)

As with TinyMe 2008.0, this release contains:

  • AbiWord Word Processor

  • Opera Web Browser

  • Audacious Media Player

  • Asunder CD ripper

  • Easy-to use Control Centers which make customizing your system and desktop look 'n feel a snap.

  • Sylpheed E-Mail Client

  • ePDFView, a PDF Viewer

  • SciTE text editor

For Download

Click here to download: http://www.tinymelinux.com/doku.php/download
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