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Linux Distribution: ALT
Url: http://www.altlinux.com
ALT Linux 2.4 Master is a solution for professionals who value their time and wish to have full control over the system.
Linux Release Details:
ALT Linux 4.1.1 "Desktop" has been released
ALT Linux proudly presents a new release of our desktop distribution, ALT Linux 4.1.1 Desktop. This is a general purpose GNU/Linux distribution intended for use on desktop systems, laptops and netbooks.
Changes since ALT Linux 4.1.0 Desktop include:

  • Updated version of OpenOffice.org -, with bugfixes.

  • Compiz works out-of-box, all you need to do is run it from the menu.

  • Fixes in NetworkManager, targeted on its stability and PPPoE operation.

  • Printer settings and management is fixed in a default KDE installation.

  • CPU frequency changing fixed.

  • Miscellaneous fixes here and there.

  • An installation DVD image with English as the default language

For Download

Click here to download: http://altlinux.ru/products/downloads/

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