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Linux Distribution: AL-AMLUG
Url: http://www.amlug.net/

Archie - Arch Live project has replaced AL-AMLUG Live CD. The former live CD of Arch had the look but not the speed of native Arch Linux, so Archie is developed on a completely different technology.

AMLUG associates with the global Linux community. Learns what the community contributes, develops ideas and scripts, and to give a little something back to the free software community, since getting so much for free.

Archie is a complete live Arch Linux system (v0.7) to be run from a CD/USB, built with the KISS philosophy in mind. No packages have been stripped to provide a full Arch linux system, yet deliver fastest performance with no extensive bloating. Archie uses its own hw-detection tool (lshwd) ideally to support a wide range of hardware with low detection time. Archie also provides extended features like multi-lingual, nesting capabilities and hd-install.

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