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Linux Distribution: ADIOS
Url: http://dc.qut.edu.au/adios/

The objective of the ADIOS project is to quickly and easily download a consistent operating system environment onto laboratory PCs.

The ADIOS environment provides students with administrative privileges required to perform advanced exercises in Network and Systems Administration.

We needed a way to download a pre-installed version of the operating system onto the PC in the laboratory. There are many tools available to do this, but the ADIOS project uses a web server to deliver the Operating System images.

The ADIOS setup image is used to install operating systems into disk partitions. It also copies the OS images from disk to disk to reduce network traffic. Recently the ADIOS image was ported onto CDROM for students to use at home. The same Linux image can be run completely from RAM and CDROM.

ADIOS-SELinux is a separate boot CD for running NSA Security Enhanced Linux.

In summary the work is now divided
into the following directions:

  • ADIOS setup - software to install OS images in the
    laboratory environment;
  • ADIOS boot CD - a complete Linux OS on a bootable CD with
  • Downloadable OS images for Linux with University
    authentication, MS Windows, Solaris and FreeBSD
  • User Mode Linux images - to provide virtual machines for
    Linux images
  • Implementation of security hardening with LIDS, SELinux,
    RSBAC and Grsecurity.

In a student environment
authentication of the users is very important. Limiting the damage that could
occur when there are multiple administrators is a concern. However empowering
the student to select the operating system to download and then boot it is
important. Providing students with administrative privileges has aided students
to be more responsible and more ethical in their behaviour.

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